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Trends to buy for back-town shopping

From clothes to accessories, here are the items we should put on our shopping list for the perfect autumn wardrobe

Trends to buy for back-town shopping From clothes to accessories, here are the items we should put on our shopping list for the perfect autumn wardrobe

A series of thunderstorms and downpours are taking away the last few weeks of summer, dropping temperatures and driving away memories of holidays. It's time to back to the city, school and work and adapt our wardrobe to the new climate and place. One way to get used to the daily routine we left behind in July and August? By imagining the looks we'll be wearing in the coming months and adding a few matching pieces to our usual wardrobe. Yes, but which ones? To answer this question and not mess up either at the office or in your free moments with friends, check out the fall-winter 2023 trends and the most covetable pieces on Stylight.

Silver trousers

Garments with colours and effects reminiscent of precious metals are a trend that has slowly taken hold in recent seasons. The months of lockdown have also brought with them, as a side effect, a new love for anything that glitters or resembles the party mood. So jumpers and dresses with a silver and gold finish have begun to invade our everyday lives, finally freeing themselves from any fashion dictates that wanted them confined to New Year's Eve. This is borne out by the fact that searches for silver trousers on Google have increased by 31 per cent in the last year and by as much as 300 per cent on Stylight. If the overall look is too much for many, simply pair the metallic piece with monochrome garments in basic colours and lines such as a black sweatshirt, a white shirt or a grey turtleneck.


Lace blouses

No more crochet, now it's time for lace. We already announced it to you last year: lace is back and fascinates designers, who present it more and more often on the catwalk. After years of being reserved for underwear, the most romantic of fabrics is now back as the protagonist of our looks, having caught the cottagecore trend and the rise of a hyper-feminine aesthetic that combines power and sensuality. Autumn is the perfect time to be seduced by its everlasting appeal and, like users of Stylight, where demand for lace blouses has risen by 35 per cent in the last year, search for the perfect lace garment for us. Why not try a lace blouse or lace top? It even works with simple jeans.


Onitsuka Tiger “Mexico 66” sneaker

Had you taken advantage of the recent sales to buy adidas Sambas, not knowing that their golden age is already over? Oops. Because according to Bella Hadid, Hailey Bieber and Kaia Gerber, who wear them all the time, the new it trainers are the Onitsuka Tiger "Mexico 66" sneakers. All fashionistas want them, especially in the colour yellow. This is confirmed by the Google searches for this model, which have increased by 83 percent in the last year and by 41 percent on Stylight. Have you already put them on your next shopping list?


Biker boots

Ever since Miu Miu unveiled a super cool model at his FW23 fashion show for F/W 2022-2023, biker boots have been the shoes to have to, as Rosalía would say, awaken the Motomami in each of us. No wonder, then, that Google searches for Miu Miu biker boots have increased by 71 per cent in the last year. Now that the temperatures are dropping, but not too much, these boots, which reach mid-calf or below the knee, can be paired with many different outfits with their gritty aesthetic and secure comfort: Skirts, shorts, leggings, jeans, dresses, ... and luckily, those who (unfortunately) can't afford Miu Miu's designer boots can easily find them on the market in any price range, even second-hand.


Thick brown belts

When will the trends of the early 2000s end? Who knows. The latest addition to contemporary fashion is the thick belt, preferably in brown. Perfect for wearing over maxi skirts and bodycon dresses, searches for thick brown belts are up 51 per cent on Google and 86 per cent on Stylight. Ready to awaken your wild cowgirl side? Find the most original designs at flea markets and thrift shops.


Silver jewellery

Silver will not only be the right colour for statement trousers, but also the coolest metallic colour of 2023. In the eternal dichotomy between gold and silver, this year we will also prefer the latter when it comes to accessories to give our looks a little light or the right twist. Stylight has already seen a 193% increase in demand for silver jewellery. The inspiration for matching necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings? Ilenia Toma.