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Jelly shoes are the best fashion memory of childhood

They are among the coolest models of the summer, even for adulthood

By now it seems official that nostalgia rules. Not only when we browse through albums of photos taken years ago, and maybe even share one of them on social media. Increasingly, we are also rummaging through our wardrobes in the hope of finding an accessory or piece of clothing we wore many years ago. And that is now back in fashion. Because designers know it: nostalgia is cutting edge. Especially when the current buzzwords have something to do with the big trends of the 1990s or the first decade of the 2000s era. This is also proven by the stars, from Emma Roberts to Jennifer Lawrence, who always refer to their youthful wardrobe by reinterpreting a certain piece of clothing in a contemporary way.

And right there in the pile of stuff - said a la Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada - that's exactly where the designers (re)pulled the jelly shoes, or fisherman sandals, out of their top hats. We too loved them when we were little: They protected our feet on walks in the scorching sand and accompanied us when we went swimming in the sea. They were perfect for playing table football and for going out in the evening.


The celebrities love jelly shoes

Jelly shoes are the best fashion memory of childhood They are among the coolest models of the summer, even for adulthood | Image 460163
Emma Roberts

We like them today not only because Alexa Chung brought them back into the spotlight and made them a highly coveted model a few years ago thanks to the jewelled buckle. We like them because they are light, comfortable and come in a variety of colours. And because they dry quickly when they get wet. What's more, if you choose an unbranded model, they are cheap too. They are also very versatile: they can be worn either with jeans or shorts, combined with a white T-shirt, or with a cotton dress, preferably in sangallo lace, as Emma Roberts did, or even with a longuette skirt or long trousers.


The history of jelly shoes

The first model dates back to 1946, when the French brand Méduse made them out of durable plastic, thinking of beach life. From then on, the myth of jelly shoes became a trend that was imitated by other brands outside Paris, no longer just in PVC, although it remains the most iconic material, but also in leather, so you can wear them even in the city and at the office. They come in all colours and materials (although we recommend you opt for a model made of rubber, because it's durable, as tradition dictates), even as designer and luxury models, even with a chunky sole and fancy details like rhinestones and studs, from brands that now specialise in this type of shoe, like Melissa, to the unexpected, from Coach to Off-White. And if you do not have a pair yet or, even more, if you have been reluctant to keep them since the early 2000s, here are the models you should definitely buy, but reinterpreted in a modern twist that will appeal even to those who turned up their noses at wearing them as a child.


The jelly shoes for this summer