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The trikini is established as the swimwear of summer 2022

Cut-out details win everyone over, from Dua Lipa and Kim Kardashian to us

The trikini is established as the swimwear of summer 2022 Cut-out details win everyone over, from Dua Lipa and Kim Kardashian to us

The trikini is the definitive beachwear item of the 2022 summer season. This is also confirmed by the e-commerce portal Stylight which, according to its seasonal research, has seen an increase in purchases of this costume, halfway between a bikini and a one-piece. After all, everyone is crazy about the trikini, as demonstrated by posts on their Instagram feeds, from Dua Lipa to Elodie, Valentina Ferragni and Emily Ratajkowski


What is the trikini

A swimming costume that is not a two-piece but resembles one thanks to the cut-out details, connected at the front to form a, let's say, one-piece model. The trikini has a peculiarity: thanks to its sensual cuts it is the most feminine swimsuit on the beach, mainly due to its Sixties connotations.  Those who think that the trikini is a swimming costume enlisted purely to flood Instagram feeds and to be worn just for a pose in front of the lens, only to be changed for a more comfortable bikini, will have to think again. This model is not uncomfortable at all. Rather, it is practical and versatile, as well as cool. What's more, it slims the silhouette, thanks to those cutouts created ad hoc at strategic points of the female form, on the belly or along the hips. In short, there is a trikini and a trikini for every shape: the low-cut one, perfect for those with generous breasts, to emphasize them to the fullest, and the one with cut-out side details, more suitable for those with a pear shape, to slim and harmonize it. The only warning we would give you is to start wearing a trikini when your tan is already defined, to avoid an uneven tan. A garment, the trikini of course, which is still perfect following the trend of the moment, dubbed "from sunrise to sunset", because it is perfect from day to night when paired with a pair of shots or a pareo skirt which will allow you to go from sunbathing on the beach to an aperitif without running home to change.


The history of the trikini

We did not tell you casually that the trikini has a Sixties style. This exact costume model was born in 1967 in France, although its success can be attributed to Italy, thanks to the Miss Italy contest. The contestants' official "uniform" was in fact a white trikini, which has gone down in history in our collective imagination.



The trikini star

It took Kim Kardashian, perhaps, to convince us that the trikini was cool again. Galeotto was the launch of her swimwear line Skims Swim, designed for all sizes and shapes thanks to its stretch materials. For her advertising campaign, the socialite transformed herself into an eighties diva, between Dynasty and Stranger Things, and made us all fall in love with the material used by the brand for trikini & Co.: a fluid fabric reminiscent of liquid metals, très chic, especially for happy hour. Before her, however, many stars and It-girls have chosen the trikini for their social shoots: in pastel colors for Dua Lipa and Valentina Ferragni, with Y2K connotations for Emily Ratajkowski and Elodie, long-sleeved for Bella Hadid, and ultra-sheer for Hailey Bieber.


And speaking of inspiration, remember Mrs Wheeler?

Fans of the TV series Stranger Things will have no trouble remembering the exact trikini we are referring to. For those, however, in need of a little reminder, we unlock your memory. In the third season of the Netflix blockbuster, which will arrive in 2023 with the fifth and final season of the series, Karen Wheeler (played by actress Cara Buono) - the mother of Mike, Nancy and Holly, who in this season transforms herself from desperate housewife to blonde icon with defined curls and red-lacquered nails, and who sings the praises of woman power. Spurring her on to bring out her sex appeal is Billy (Dacre Kayd Montgomery-Harvey), the sexy lifeguard and brother of Max, who seduces her between dips in the pool and whistling at unruly bathers. In response to the boy's attention, Mrs Wheeler delights everyone - including the audience - with a two-tone trikini in the pop colors of fuchsia and light blue, a typical 1980s combo - from the H&M brand, sold out within hours of the episode airing - with a very low cut.


How we like to wear the trikini

The choice is yours to create creative looks with your trikini. The combination we like best is with the pareo skirt, another big summer catchphrase. This trend, by the way, was brought to the fore by Jacquemus, in fuchsia and bright blue ton sur ton. Also beautiful when worn with a pair of trousers, preferably cargo and low-waisted, to bring out all the cut-outs. And hyper stylish, on the other hand, is the trikini in lingerie mode, with lace details or studded with rhinestones, often worn with a see-through garment to raise the sex appeal. Must-have in the city, instead, the combo with high heels and an over blazer.


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