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The mediterrean storytelling around summer clogs Scholl Iconic x Daios Cove

The collaboration evokes dreamy summer escape scenarios and a form of 360° wellness

The mediterrean storytelling around summer clogs Scholl Iconic x Daios Cove The collaboration evokes dreamy summer escape scenarios and a form of 360° wellness

The sun rising in front of an expanse of water reflecting the sky, the scent of salt in the air tantalising the nostrils and the sound of the sea merging in the distance with the clack, clack, clack of clogs by the pool. This is the image that perfectly represents the summer getaway used by Scholl Iconic to inspire its new collaboration with the luxury Resort Daios Cove, on the island of Crete, where the typical Mediterranean aesthetics of the holiday mood are combined with Italian craftsmanship design, reinterpreting the iconic Pescura shoe, a bestseller that has accompanied the summer lifestyle since the 1960s, also receiving accolades from celebrities of the 1990s such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Jennifer Aniston

Clogs are back on trend with other wood-soled footwear like the Scandinavian clogs and embrace the summer mood with two colourways inspired by the deep blue of the Greek sea and the reflections of light on the turquoise water of the resort's private pools along with sandy beige, in reference to the rocky hills of the private bay where the Daios Cove Luxury Resort stands. The connection between Scholl Iconic and the luxury resort is linked to the land, the slow pace of life, and the nature that dominates the summertime Mediterranean Sea surrounding the resort, a reality that takes care of every little detail of the guests' experience in a holistic retreat. 

"The collaboration with Daios Cove was natural, as both partners belong to a world of dreams and well-being. The products of this collaboration bring together the best of both universes," says Tobias Klaiber, CEO of Scholl Shoes.

The search for innovative materials combined with a fashionable approach that does not forget wellness are the key elements for offering a product that manages to stay alive over time and prolong its life in the wardrobe, and Scholl, founded in the USA in 1899, has fully succeeded in this.

The Pescura is designed to tone the wearer's legs with every step, with a "shoes as gym" effect that is now the protagonist of a collabo that unites common values, as Dimitris Daios, founder and CEO of Daios Cove, tells us:

"Creating a series of comfortable, contemporary footwear to celebrate the opening of our new KEPOS wellness hub pays homage to our shared mission of taking care of pleasure and ease in our daily lives."

The KEPOS wellness hub will in fact be an additional retail space where the Scholl Iconic x Daios Cove collection can be purchased, including a spa with body, hair and wellness services, a gym complete with a weight room, a threadmill room, a functional training room and an ocean view aerial yoga room. Imagining walking out of such a wellness paradise while continuing to feel the positive feelings of body movement while wearing the colourful Pescuras is a summer goal. Waiting for summer vacations but to bring it in the city too in the meantime the collection will be available at other selected retailers and the brand's website from 21 June to bring the same principle to town.