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5 things to know about the next Jacquemus "Le Papier" fashion show

From the location to the collaboration with Nike

5 things to know about the next Jacquemus Le Papier fashion show From the location to the collaboration with Nike

On 27 June, Jacquemus will present Le Papier, the new collection, which will also include pieces from the collaboration with Nike, in Arles. Clothes and accessories will be available for purchase immediately after the fashion show, on the brand's e-commerce. The closer the date gets, the more the hype grows around the fashion show which, according to Simon Porte Jacquemus' words, could mark a new chapter for the brand, even more connected to the south of France, a blank sheet of paper to be filled with references from the past to build a different future, more essential, authentic and familiar than the current pop phase. Here are five things to know about the next Jacquemus fashion show.


The location

Jacquemus' shows are famous for their evocative locations: fields of golden wheat, expanses of lavender, and wild beaches. Places that portray the beauty of nature, give a sense of freedom, an almost vintage romanticism and are perfect for the Instagram aesthetic, but are always linked to the past, to the origins of its designer. This time Simon Porte Jacquemus has chosen to return home, to the South, to the Camargue and, to be precise, to a special location near the sea in Arles, thus continuing to pay homage to a land already celebrated with photographer  David Luraschi in the book Ensemble.


It will be dedicated to his grandmother

For Simon Porte Jacquemus, the women of his family are a constant inspiration: his mother Valérie, whom he talks about in every collection, but also his grandmother Liline, the protagonist of many Instagram shots and of Le coup de soleil, the Spring/Summer 2020 campaign by Jacquemus. The one with the woman is a visceral relationship that keeps him connected to his origins, talking about love, ageless beauty, pains au chocolat, home and Camargue. So, when the new show is over, the designer will take his grandmother aside and whisper to her: All this is for you. 


Le Camargue vs Le Cagole 

Balenciaga has named its latest it-bag Le Cagole, a term of Provençal origin that in slang indicates a cool, extroverted girl, but a little "over the top", with a marked propensity for drama and maximalism. In short, the female archetype of an excessive, colorful and maximalist Frenchwoman, diametrically opposed to typical Parisian chic. The new Jacquemus collection could give us a third example of French style, a hybrid between the Riviera style and the free, wild and in some ways more essential charm of the Camargue. What we are all wondering is how Simon Porte Jacquemus will transform into clothes and accessories the mood of a place where the sea meets the fields, flat expanses dotted with waterways, white horses, bulls, flamingos, the gypsy soul and the narrow, decadent streets of the city. 


The collaboration with Nike 

The 27 June fashion show will be an opportunity to see the items from his forthcoming collaboration with Nike. Simon Porte Jacquemus, a passionate collector of Nike's ACG (All Conditions Gear) line, will infuse sportswear with French allure by creating a super-light, yet super-sensual capsule collection in neutral tones, full of garments that combine the technical know-how of the American giant with the effortless chic of the French brand. Apparently, among the 15 pieces in the collection are Humara trainers, a pleated miniskirt recalling the uniforms of Jacquemus' favorite tennis players, Emma Raducanu and Naomi Osaka, and a unisex bucket hat. A first taste was given to us by the latest Jacquemus campaign starring Sydney Sweeney.


The inspiration is Diego Giacometti 

The designer of Jacquemus confessed that while designing the new collection, he often thought of the sculptor Diego Giacometti, whom he first discovered some ten years ago while visiting an exhibition in Milan and who was particularly appreciated for his plaster casts. It will be interesting how these works will be reworked within the work of Simon Porte Jacquemus, which has always abounded with references to art: Picasso, Miró and Matisse, are a constant inspiration, especially for bags, such as Le Sac Rond; a painting by Matisse was the reference for the stripes of some of the shirts; in September 2017, the location for the spring/summer 2018 collection was the Musée Picasso in Paris.