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Interview with Gaia, the first Italian brand ambassador of Havaianas

The singer's music and the iconic Brazilian brand are the perfect combo for summer 2021

Interview with Gaia, the first Italian brand ambassador of Havaianas  The singer's music and the iconic Brazilian brand are the perfect combo for summer 2021
Courtesy of Havaianas
Courtesy of Havaianas
Courtesy of Havaianas
Courtesy of Havaianas

Not just the Brazilian origins. The things that Havaianas and Gaia Gozzi have in common are so many. They are sunny, colorful, carefree, easy and cool. They taste of summer, like a dip in the blue sea, like when you sink your bare feet into the sand or eat ice cream on the beach. This is why the brand has chosen Chega's singer as its first Italian brand ambassador.

"What I love about Havaianas mood is the exotic, positive and engaging style that I truly recognize myself in, because I'm very connected to the South American tradition and culture that my mom passed down to me." - says Gaia.

Courtesy of Havaianas
Courtesy of Havaianas

Born in 1997 and with a background that mixes Italy and Brazil, Gaia became popular thanks to her participation to X-Factor and, above all, her victory in the 2019 edition of Amici. Her smile, humanity, contemporary boho style and talent made her become in a short time one of the best singers of the moment, and she was also included by Forbes in the list of the 100 under 30 Italians who will have the greatest impact in the future. An important achievement that comes after the gold record obtained with her first album, Nuova Genesi, and after the success at the Sanremo Festival, where she conquered everyone with Cuore Amaro, but also thanks to the outfits designed by Ferragamo and a series of sophisticated beauty looks. 

Last year Gaia climbed the charts with Chega and now she is ready to go on stage to bring her music around Italy, making everyone dance with her sound and showing off the colorful new models of Havaianas. Just imagine: good music, party mood... aren't Gaia and Havaianas the perfect chill out combo for summer 2021?

Courtesy of Havaianas
Courtesy of Havaianas

On the occasion of the collaboration, nss G-club talked to Gaia about her career and new role of brand ambassador.

Ciao Gaia, tell us about your music, how would you describe your evolution from the X-Factor to today? And what are the values and concepts you want to communicate?

It has been and still is a special journey, even if it was a bit like being on a roller coaster. This period has helped me a lot, especially for my spiritual and artistic growth. And most of all, I am grateful to have an audience that can be as emotional as I am... I love the idea that now with live shows I can finally share every side of me through music in a more direct way. And I would like the values I believe in, such as love, for ourselves and for others, tolerance and respect, to reach more and more people.

What are the main sources of inspiration for your music?

Life, in all its forms, offers me a way to learn more and more about myself and the world around me and this is a great source of inspiration. I am blessed to be able to share every happy moment with my family, friends, and a Team that make this journey so much better. From life I have received the opportunity to live in many different places, to meet many people... I like the idea of communicating a multicultural style through my music. From a musical point of view Caetano Veloso, Ray Charles, Diana Ross, Beyoncé, Stevie Wonder... are important personalities and a great inspiration to me, I find my world in a mix of many different backgrounds.

Your joyful music and your style seem to create a perfect match with the aesthetics and mood of Havaianas. What does this collaboration mean to you?

The cheerfulness and energy that I try to convey with my music are the same that Havaianas expresses as a brand and in its visuals, in fact this is also why I feel so close to the project.

The energy that your songs transmit makes you think of the happiest summer days, wearing only Havaianas on the beach. What are your must-haves for a summer day?

Summer gives me energy, I always want to dance but in summer even more, I feel the desire to live deeply every moment. Everything that brings me back to the essence of a day spent with the people I love makes me feel good, I feel the love of the people around me and I'm happy, they make me feel so lucky to share my life with them.

And how are you going to experience this restarting summer?

I'll be doing concerts all summer and I can't wait because I'll receive the hug that I've been missing these last two years, and it will be nice to meet everyone in the name of music. With Havaianas we already celebrated Free Feet Day on June 21st, coinciding with the first day of summer, inviting everyone to share a moment of freedom.