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5 tips and tricks to start using Vinted

What are the "rules" to buy vintage and second hand consciously on the app?

5 tips and tricks to start using Vinted What are the rules to buy vintage and second hand consciously on the app?

It seemed like an app like many others, but actually it is the new temple of vintage and second hand in 2021. Founded in 2008, Vinted is probably the most popular app commonly used by Gen Z to buy and resell clothes. Perhaps due to the large amount of products that can be found on the platform or perhaps due to the purchase policy that benefits both seller and buyer, the app has collected in a very short time millions of users who prefer to buy clothes and accessories - but also books and perfumes - with a circular approach. Here are 5 tips that will help you shop on Vinted in the most conscious and smart way possible.


What am I looking for?

The first question we need to ask ourselves when using Vinted is this - the risk of wandering around the app for hours without really finding what we need is just around the corner! I don't mean that you can't scroll the list of products for hours - I often do this while having breakfast - but being conscious of what we prefer is essential! Whether it's a black blazer jacket, a rare shoe from the past seasons or any other piece by a designer who is no longer active, there is only one way to find all this, and that means to use filters.


1. Use filters

Filters are so important, especially when we explore a platform with millions of products, constantly updated. They can be used in many ways, but here are my two favorite ways to filter: filter by brand or filter by product. Generally I am always very determined in terms of purchases or treasures to find, so the first thing I do is filter by brand and scroll through all the products on the app of a specific designer. In case you are looking for a specific item instead - not necessarily of your favorite brand - it is better to set the filters by product (category, color, size, etc) even if here the situation can be complicated, because there could be an endless number of black jackets, leopard-print tops or white shirts. What to do then, in order to select? Simple, in these cases I choose to show the most expensive items first, thus giving priority to designer or high quality second hand items - this doesn't necessarily translate into the purchase because the price is always a determining part of shopping. Now the question - which we will answer with the second piece of advice - is: and what if you can't find what you are looking for?


2. Keep track of new arrivals

The search history carried out on the app is essential, since the filters are automatically saved by the system. You will be able to log into Vinted again the day after your first search and you will see that numbers will appear next to the keywords you used previously - well, that's the number of new products associated with that specific filter, so go ahead and scroll! What if there is something we like but we are not 100% sure about it?


3. Save and keep checking your favorites

Well, there are so many products in the app that saving your favorites becomes essential. Moreover, in this way Vinted will send us notifications - obviously they need to be set to "active" - every time one of our love-at-first-sight items is discounted or, unfortunately, sold to someone that was more determined than us. And what to do if we found the dress of our dreams but the price is still too high?


4. Bargain

This should probably be the rule number one: always buy at the best price - taking into account the quality of the product, its original value and the current status. Bargaining is always fun and on Vinted all users are always willing to lower a price and favor the buyer, so go ahead and have fun! In addition, you can chat with the seller asking for extra information on the product, photos of details and any other curiosity that comes to your mind. Here, then, is the fifth and final tip.


5. Don't think too long

Buying vintage and second hand is beautiful, fun and sustainable - not to mention the fact that there are priceless vintage treasures worthy of a fashion archive. Researching apps like Vinted is always amazing. My latest purchases? A Celine t-shirt, a Saint Laurent belt and an American Apparel top.