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Bffs outfit guide: the twinning style for summer 2021

To have fun and always be on the same wavelength, also in terms of style

Bffs outfit guide: the twinning style for summer 2021 To have fun and always be on the same wavelength, also in terms of style

Going out dressed coordinated with your bff is one of the most beautiful things in the world, and even when the styles are different, with a little complicity they can match perfectly. Twinning looks are not just a trend among the most famous mothers and daughters of the moment: we could never forget the coordinated outfits of Paris Hilton and her best friends or the looks of Cher and Dionne of Clueless.

Many groups of friends have a distinctive element of style in common, which becomes like a "uniform". Just think of the Powerpuff Girls, the Winx, the unforgettable WitchLizzie McGuire and Miranda, the Plastics of Mean Girls and even the Pink Ladies in Grease share style details, and each expresses its personality with unique elements and accessories, always coordinated with the companions. How many times has it happened that, without agreeing, you have found yourself dressed in the same way as your bff? It proves that you are on the same wavelength, even when it comes to style! Even science confirms that identifying similar elements of style in a group is a symbol of esteem and profound relationship, and it happens when a deep connection is created that leads to internalizing behaviors and elements of style. Now, for this hot summer 2021 every team of friends deserves the right uniform: nss G-club has prepared a mini guide to twinning looks to have fun and be creative, and win as a team!



Matchy colors

Complicity, mutual respect, trust: this inspires twinning looks worn by a group. Whether it’s a green Bottega, a pink Jacquemus, or a blue cyan, inserting a color and interpreting it in many different ways on several members of the group creates an idea of funny and unique cohesion. If in couple it will be enough to break piece over and over the shoulder to make it stand out even more. P.s. works even better with make-up! And it could also become a regular date, like Mean Girls pink Wednesday.


Pattern games

It may seem trivial, but it isn’t. Matching and interpreting trendy prints in relation to other people’s looks in their own way is not easy. The risk of falling into a theme-party effect come only run if you pick an all-over look: the winning move is to match the print to a neutral color and choose wisely who wears what, depending on their personality and physicality.


Choose your leitmotiv

All the cult TV series have a funny catchphrase that cyclically returns to make everyone smile. The same happens when planning some twinning summer outfit. Do you love hats? Declare it your symbol. If you are a sneaker-junkie, never give up the right shoe at the right time. It will be your signature! This is honestly the shortest way to feel in a movie.


Twin accessory

You've been planning to meet for days have but no ideas for the matching outfit? Don’t worry: the right accessory will bind together even the most different looks, and create a weird but functional consistency to the final effect. Whether it’s a micro bag, a leather perfecto jacket or even a simple stack of bracelets or necklaces, better if some were bought together on vacation, will be the leitmotif of your unique style relationship.