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The role of fashion in "The Addams Family"

The best looks of cinema's darkest women to celebrate the coming of a Netflix TV series on Wednesday Addams by Tim Burton

The role of fashion in The Addams Family The best looks of cinema's darkest women to celebrate the coming of a Netflix TV series on Wednesday Addams by Tim Burton

The news will make happy all fans of dark series, those who still despair for the end of Penny Dreadful or Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Tim Burton will make a live-action series on Wednesday Addams for Netflix. The announcement comes straight from the streaming platform that has revealed that, in addition to the director of Edward Scissorhands, will be involved in the project as writers Al Gough and Miles Millar, the creators of Smallville

The eight episodes will follow the adventures of post-teenage Wednesday, who is a student at Nevermore Academy. Here, the girl will "have to attempts to master her emerging psychic ability, thwart a monstrous killing spree that has terrorized the local town, and solve the supernatural mystery that embroiled her parents 25 years ago". While investigating this serial killer he will also have to find his place in the school and in the world, among flirtations, friends and new fellow students. 

There's no information yet on the release date, or even on the actress who will play this new Wednesday Addams, since the role has already been made iconic by Christina Ricci in the '90s movies and Lisa Loring in the '60s OG series.

To celebrate the coming of the TV series on Wednesday Addams by Tim Burton, G-Club brings you the best looks of the Addams family women.


Morticia Addams

It was September 18, 1964 when the ABC channel brought to television The Addams Family, the popular comic strip of The New Yorker. The producers hired the beautiful Carolyn Jones to play Morticia Addams. With her physical features and charm, she embodied the perfect femme fatale: pale complexion, long black hair, doll-like face. Thanks to this black and white version, the character of the dark lady who dresses only in a black evening gown, has long, red-lacquered nails, speaks French and loves to cut rosebuds, became iconic. A strange woman, but lovely, elegant and eccentric, who acquired an even more glamorous twist in the '90s, when Anjelica Huston played her in the movies. Her Morticia looked like an aristocratic witch: high cheekbones sculpted by makeup, red lipstick, like nail polish, false eyelashes and degradé eye shadow. From me as a teenager, through Kate Moss, to Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner, there isn't a girl in the world who hasn't wanted to be the matriarch of the Addams at least for a day.


Wednesday Addams

Wednesday is the daughter (younger or older depending on the TV or movie version) of Gomez and Morticia. Silent, melancholic, with a certain amount of aggression and sadism, she wears long braids, a little black dress with a white collar, spends her time guillotining her doll Marie Antoinette and torturing her brother Pugsley. Even Prada fell in love with this wacky little girl, so much so that it was inspired by her for the FW19 collection.


Grandmama Addams

Her name is Eudora and, no matter if she is Gomez's mother like in the TV series or Morticia's mother like in the movies. Grandmama Addams is the real witch of the family who makes potions in large steaming cauldrons and flies her broomstick. Even her look is that of the classic fairy tale hag: shaggy white hair, rotten teeth and the decadent vintage clothes. 


Ophelia Frump

If you know her, you must be a fan of the OG series. Ophelia Frump is Morticia's wacky sister and her opposite: she has a cheerful, sunny disposition, wears a crown of daisies and walks around the house with a candle in her hand. Her inspiration? Probably a mix of hippies, Victorian ghost and pre-Raphaelite paintings.


Debbie Jellinsky Addams

She was part of the family briefly, when in the movie The Addams Family 2 she married Uncle Fester and then tried to kill him and inherit his fortune. Played by Joan Cusack, Debbie Jellinsky is a true '80s-looking psychopath, a killer in pastel-colored cocktail dresses who plays 1940s noir diva in white sheath dresses cinched at the waist, a headscarf and big sunglasses.