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The 10 best celebrity engagement rings

From Kate Middleton's blue sapphire which was also Lady Diana's engagement ring to Beyoncé's flawless diamond

The 10 best celebrity engagement rings From Kate Middleton's blue sapphire which was also Lady Diana's engagement ring to Beyoncé's flawless diamond

Beautiful, absurdly huge and very expensive. For their wedding proposals, celebrities need more than just a little jewel and a romantic declaration of love, they want luxury, the sparkle of stunning stones to show off on Instagram and on the red carpet. No star is an exception, when we talk about engagement rings Less is more and all the minimalist philosophy don't work.  

From the huge Krupp Diamond given by Richard Burton to Elizabeth Taylor in 1968, to Beyoncé's $5 million diamond, up to the 15 rings, each with a different gem, a token of love between Victoria and David Beckham, get ready to die for jealousy by looking at the 10 most beautiful celebrity engagement rings ever.

And remember: All the single ladies...Put a ring on it!



The fiancé: Alex Rodriguez

The ring: the athlete gifted JLo on the beach in the Bahamas an emerald cut and flawless 15- carat diamond

The price: it is estimated to be worth between 1 and 5 million dollars

The proposal: March 2019


Hailey Baldwin Bieber

The fiancé: Justin Bieber

The ring: a creation by Solow & Co with an oval-shaped diamond of about 10-carats on a yellow gold frame.

The price: $600,000

The proposal: July 2018


Paris Hilton

The fiancé: Chris Zylka

The ring: A 20-carat tear-drop diamond by jeweler Michael Greene.

The price: $2 million

The proposal: January 2018


Meghan Markle

The fiancé: Prince Harry

The ring: a creation custom-designed by Cleave & Co and consisting of a 2.5 carat cushion-cut central diamond from Botswana and two smaller side diamonds from a brooch that belonged to Lady Diana.

The price: $350,000

The proposal: November 2017


Amal Alamuddin Clooney

The fiancé: George Clooney

The ring: An ethically mined emerald-cut 7-carat diamond in a minimal platinum setting, surrounded by other baguette-cut diamonds.

The price: $750,000

The proposal: April 2014


Kim Kardashian West

The fiancé: Kanye West

The ring: A 15-carat cushion-cut diamond from jeweler Lorraine Schwartz. Kanye later gave Kim another over 20-carat diamond valued at several million dollars.

The price: An estimated $2 million

The proposal: October 2013



Kate Middleton

The fiancé: Prince William

The ring: a beautiful 18-carat oval sapphire surrounded by 14 diamonds set on an 18-carat white gold frame, which had already been Lady Diana's engagement ring.

The price: An estimated $500,000

The proposal: October 2010




The fiancé: Jay Z

The ring: A flawless 18-carat center diamond designed by Lorraine Schwartz. 

The price: $5 million

The proposal: April 2008


Victoria Beckham

The fiancé: David Beckham

The ring: When David Beckham made his first proposal to Victoria in 1998, he did it with a marquise-cut diamond of three carats set on a yellow gold band, but he continued to gift her other engagement rings (it is rumored 15!) with various stones, from emeralds to rubies.

The price: $85,000

The proposal: January 1998


Elizabeth Taylor

The fiancé: Richard Burton

The ring: a huge pear-cut diamond of 69.42 carats. Extracted from the Primer Mine in South Africa in 1966 as a rough and colorless 241-carat diamond, it was later cut by the American jeweler Harry Winston in the gem known first as Krupp Diamond and then as Taylor-Burton Diamond.

The price: paid $305,000 in 1968, many years later it was auctioned for $8.8 million

The proposal: May 1968