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Pebble Pods, the first earrings made for AirPods

Beautiful, exclusive, and functional jewelry

Pebble Pods, the first earrings made for AirPods Beautiful, exclusive, and functional jewelry

Suhani Parekh, designer and founder of MISHO, has developed an ultra chic and functional way to stop the AirPods from falling out of the ears, creating Pebble Pods, earrings which hold the earphones in place and still look like beautiful jewelry. 

The inspiration for this project, combining functionality and aesthetics, came to the Anglo-Indian designer during the lockdown, as she herself said:

I've had Airpods for a while but never ended up using them very much. They would always slip out while I exercised or went for a jog or even as I fixed my hair etc. I also had a hard time styling them with my earrings – it didn't quite fit. Over lockdown, life suddenly became so much more digital. I was always on the phone, on a video call – I also decided (like a lot of us) to get cracking on those long overdue workouts! The idea was to create a seamless design, where the earrings were made to not only look great with my Airpods but also help support them, hold them in place and catch them if they slip out of the ears. Since you don't wear AirPods constantly I wanted to make sure the process of taking them on and off was effortless. Another important element was that the earrings should look stylish irrespective of whether the earpods are in or out. 

The new earrings are made of sterling silver and are available in three models: Pebble Pods have a chunky body that, like a snake, wraps around the bottom of the earphones to secure it; while Minimal/Active Tall Pods and Minimal/Active Tiny Pods are more minimal, with a curved structure designed to easily slide the AirPods in and out without needing a mirror.

MISHO is famous among celebrities for its jewelry that combines art and design. Kendall Jenner, Emily Ratajkowski and Rihanna wore them on many occasions, in love with these modern, finely sculpted pieces, characterized by clean lines, architectural and geometric shapes. The new Pebble Pods, which are available online at a price ranging from €63.20 to €102.26, will be a must-have and will boost the number of the brand's fans.