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5 emerging eco-friendly brands to discover

To enrich our spring wardrobe with conscious shopping

5 emerging eco-friendly brands to discover To enrich our spring wardrobe with conscious shopping

In the immense universe of the fashion industry, new brands and new projects are born every day, as the result of creative minds and an entrepreneurial spirit. To make their way and achieve success, however, brands need to have all the credentials according to the rules defined by the fashion trends of the moment, and by the needs that arise in the market. They need to seize the moment.

But more than that, emerging brands also need to have "something more", something to communicate and tell the world and something to conquer it with. The brands we are talking about today, in addition to their own personality and features, have in common the fact of founding their business on respect for the environment, of making ethical and eco-sustainable choices every day.

If you still do not know about them, go check these 5 emerging brands selected by nss G-Club, to add freshness and innovation to your spring wardrobe.



IINDACO, written with two "i" in reference to the month of birth of the brand's founders and also a reference to their friendship, is a young brand that already has a lot to tell. It is not simply about made-in-Italy footwear, but a business model based on research and a circular economy, an eco-sustainable project in all its phases: from product design to the search for excellent quality recycled and recyclable materials, from the reduction of waste to reusable packaging. The brand's first collection is inspired by rationalist architecture and men's footwear, offering a sensual and refined product. The architectural forms, the satin effect, the bold colors literally conquered us. Our favorite detail? The square heel decorated with flames made of micro crystals.



Sustainable resortwear, this is how the brand Casa Raki is defined. The founder of Argentine origins Josefina, expresses in the label her visceral relationship with the sea and the coasts of Uruguay where she used to live during childhood. Beachwear, comfortable and delicate clothing, the focus is on "vacation-wear" or clothing to wear on vacation, during the day and night, and when on the move. The brand uses high tech but ecological fabrics, made in Portugal: from labels to fabrics, all materials are chosen with care and attention. Among these, recycled nylon, recycled polyester, organic linen, which are used both in products and in the packaging.



Colorful garments that recall nature and its elements: flowers, clouds, fruit and animals are the recurring themes in the patterns and shapes of the Danish brand Helmstedt. Semi finalist for the prestigious LVMH Prize 2020, the brand aims to create a space where art meets fashion and sustainability. Helmstedt in fact uses eco-friendly fabrics, such as organic cotton and recycled polyester, as well as producing excellent quality garments that are therefore durable and resistant over time. The soft spring shirts and the light dresses hand-painted with oil colors, halfway between loungewear and daily clothing, recreate a dreamy and fairytale atmosphere.



HARA, which means "green" in Hindi, is the name of the clothing, underwear and loungewear brand designed for us and for our Earth collectively. The goal of HARA is to consciously create delicate and durable garments through sustainable and ethical processes, supporting local production, using natural dyes and materials like bamboo fibers, respecting work ethics, and recycling. In addition to total respect for the environment, HARA is proposed as a brand that supports body-positivity with underwear, loungewear and everyday clothes that adapt to the body of every woman.



Saskia Diez is the name of a brand and the designer who founded it. Saskia is a jewelry designer, she creates products that are decorative but also intimate, that adapt and move lightly on the skin. Jewelry, hair accessories, bags, all made through a local and small reality, and using recycled gold and silver. Saskia Diez products include women's and unisex collections, and range from rings and earrings with pearls to golden chains, from fancy bags in metallic and satin texture to small jewels with precious stones.