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The sexy and bold denim by Hardeman

The young Dutch designer told us about her genderless brand

The sexy and bold denim by Hardeman The young Dutch designer told us about her genderless brand

When during last year's MET Gala Hailey Bieber walked on the fashion industry's most famous and anticipated red carpet wearing a pink Alexander Wang gown that featured a logo thong, critics and observers had very different reactions. Whether you consider it a tacky accessory, that can be worn but not shown, or whether you think it's a nice and necessary accessory, what is clear is that thongs are having a huge comeback, especially if worn under jeans that expose thongs' upper part. 

An image posted in 2016 on her Instagram, proves that Sophie Hardeman was the first to have this styling idea. 

HARDEMAN is a genderless jeans brand based in Los Angeles founded by the dutch designer Sophie Hardeman. The label aims to turn daily routine upside down and challenge the public's perspective. When it comes to designing for her namesake denim, Sophie Hardeman is all about defying convention. Hardeman is especially well-known for its denim pieces, for her a symbol of freedom, while the revisitation and the use of the thong are linked to a wider perception of female sexuality and self-expression. For her, something that lets the imagination run free is much sexier than being bare naked. Her thongs become essential parts of unique creations that have been already been sported by celebs with the likes of Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Troye Sivan and Kali Uchis. 

We had a chat with her to find out more about HARDEMAN's deconstructed, gender-fluid clothes which liberate from any structure of conformation questioning normality and letting 'the abnormal' be the new sexy standard.


#1 First of all, could you introduce yourself to our readers, and explain how you started in Amsterdam ending up in sunny LA? Is it true that LA is the place to be to make the best networking and run your own business?

A couple of years ago I worked for Bernhard Willhelm in LA and found a liking to the city. I am born/raised Amsterdammer and still have my studio there as it will always be my home - but am now opening shop/studio to new opportunities in LA., meeting new people to collaborate with and finding more denim waste to recreate into beautiful new garments.

#2 Could you describe what it feels like to be 'your own boss'?

Stressed/depressed/well-dressed. Never enough work / never deserve a break / but actually 100% doing what you dream of at all times.

#3 How exciting is it to see the most famous stars wearing your clothes? Who do you dream of styling one day soon? 

It's surreal, I hope to dress more people that I actually look up to besides being famous like Oprah, Poly Styrene, Pussy Riot and Orlan.

#4 We love how you went for a genderless approach in your collections, can fashion change the perceptions of those who have cradled in their prejudice till now and understand that there's no girl or boy way of dressing?

Fashion is politics and can provoke new ways of thinking, simultaneously fashion can make us feel insecure. The way that we dress comes forth from some kind of standard. With my work, I reflect on these standards by redefining what we accept as one. 

#5 The models in your pics always look very proud and bold almost breaking through with their attitude looking straight at the camera, how do you cast them, what does it take to be a Hardeman model? 

Everyone can be a model, it has only to do with people being themselves. 

#6 Tell us about your passion for the Wild West? Does it somehow relate to cowboys' attitude to stand fearless till the last bullet?

Going west means discovering for yourself. 

#7 What would you suggest to young girls and boys who would like to persuade a fashion designer career like yours?

Be innovative and create your own way of working and making. 

#8 Last but not least, is there a question nobody ever asks you that you would like to get asked? Maybe, what's the playlist you listen to when you are creating?

Yes, you can find it here