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Rhizome Scents, a new approach to niche perfumery

The emerging Italian brand believes in minimal yet unforgettable fragrances

Rhizome Scents, a new approach to niche perfumery The emerging Italian brand believes in minimal yet unforgettable fragrances

The world of perfumery is a fascinating universe: notes, scents and fragrances are the results of a long process of research, able to evoke specific moments and memories, thanks to a unique algorithm able to turn a global product into a personal experience. From an economic point of view, this is the sector where the biggest brands rule, with fragrances able to become real status symbols, signs of belonging to specific environments and places. 

Rhizome Scents aims at returning to the roots of this world, to its essentiality, through minimal and simple fragrances, both in their composition and in their presentation. Behind this emerging Milan based reality hide three minds that have already vast experience in fashion retailing and design, with their brands Wood'd and Vision of SuperStefano and Andrea Aschieri along with Dario Pozzi founded Rhizome at the end of 2018, earning in just a few months the attention of buyers and costumers. 

We like to define Rhizome as "the first approach to the niche perfumery". First of all for what concerns the developments of the scents. They're simple but well balanced. We don't like to over complicate, that's why we've put together a selection of creations that can be appreciated both by "expert" noses both by who's not familiar with artistic pefumery. 

The idea of simplicity that is at the basis of the brand works along with a new approach, aimed at the customer (thanks to affordable prices) and that focuses on the quality of its products, designed to be a real experience. The essentiality that distinguishes Rhizome Scents passes through two main components. On one side there's the manufacturing of the product, the selection of the notes and the ingredients to use in order to create delicate yet incisive scents. 

It's a very long process. Andrea and Dario are in charge of the research, without relying on any "nose". We try to always have two main ingredients in every fragrance, which in their diversity manage to find a balance. Incense and Patchouly, Yuzu and Vetiver, Oud and Tobacco. Their Eau De Parfumes with a 16% concentration, easy to explain but much harder to create. 

On the other side, Rhizome stands out for its minimal, elegant and fresh aesthetic

The visual part is always the first thing you notice in a product. We've tried to translate our beliefs and views on the brand in the simplification of the fragrances. We've minimized the size of the packaging, we've eliminated colours, we've named the scents with numbers, from one to five. We want that everything about Rhizome is easy to read and understand, avoiding an excessively lavish and stylistic patina. 

Despite their previous experience in the field, deciding to launch such a project, intentionally "niche" and aimed at a specific audience, could turn out a very difficult challenge to overcome, above all in a competitive and over-crowded filed as of this one. 

If you're young and you a- want to discover something new, b- a new affordable fragrance, c- something that is and smells contemporary, the range is quite wide. I think that (part of) the artistic perfumery creates a distance with the new generations, instead of filling it. It's a very small space where Rhizomes tries to position itself. 

Looking at the number and the names of the retailers where Rhizome Scents is available, it's clear that the message of the brand was received loud and clear. The emerging Italian brand can, in fact, be found all over Europe, starting obviously from Milan and Italy, to arrive in London, Paris, Cannes, Wien, Rotterdam and many others. 

We're very happy of this first year and of how the product is located. We've open almost seventy sales points, including 10 Corso Como in Milan, Archive in Paris and Lodenfrey in Munich. Nevertheless, we still have a long way to go and Rhizome is just starting to take form. For 2020 we're working on a series of in-store activations and very interesting shop-in-shop. I'm very superstitious, so I won't say anything more. 

Rhizome Scents products are available here