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nss G-Club Giveaway: Chitè Lingerie

nss G-Club Giveaway: Chitè Lingerie

Lingerie that adapts to every type of body and curve, customized creations designed for a community of strong, independent and free women, items strictly made in Italy. Chitè Lingerie is the first lingerie brand to offer a customer experience based on the concept of personalization, that supports empowerment, talent and change, as well as the constant feminine desire to become the best version of ourselves.

In a very short time, the slips of the LOVER line have become must-have items in the closet of every woman, delicate and elegant signs of belonging to a club where to share emotions, dreams, projects and tales, without forgetting lightness - which does not mean superficiality. Ultra-feminine and romantic accessories on the line between a retro aesthetic and a contemporary character.

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Price: €30

Find out how to win 3 Chitè Lover's Club slips in nss G-Club giveaway here