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nss G-Club Giveaway: MIA Korff

nss G-Club Giveaway: MIA Korff

MIA Korff is the new Korff line, the leading scientific-cosmetic brand that has been at the forefront in the research and development of skincare products and make-up. MIA Korff gathers 5 different products all made with superfruits which bring out the natural beauty of the face. The line, which can boast the VEGANOK certification, is perfect for all the vegan beauty addicts, the products contain moreover from 71% to 93% ingredients of natural origin. 

The Cleanser and Bubble Mask in just a few minutes turns into a mask made of bubbles. It cleanses and hydrates the skin, giving a feeling of freshness and comfort and it’s made with extracts of fig tree and blueberry. The Cleansing Stick and Scrub, made with extracts of blueberry, orange, and lemon, is a one-step solution for cleaner and smoother skin.
The Water Bomb Cream Hydrating Facial, with the fig tree and oil of grape seeds extracts, makes the skin hydrated, elastic, soothed and naturally glowing. The Matt Effect Eye Area Gel reduces the bags under the eyes, alleviates the signs of tiredness, while brightening the look, thanks to the extracts of fig tree and watermelon. The Glitter Face Mask hydrates the skin in just a few minutes. It provides the skin with smoothness and hydration, as well as a brightening effect. With extracts of fig tree and apricot. 

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Price: Cleanser and Bubble Mask €25, Cleansing Stick and Scrub €15, Water Bomb Cream Hydrating Facial €25, Matt Effect Eye Area Gel €15, Glitter Face Mask €25. 

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