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FKA Twigs' best looks

A journey through the style and the aesthetic of an artist out of this world

FKA Twigs' best looks A journey through the style and the aesthetic of an artist out of this world

FKA Twigs singer, dancer, who also happens to be a director, a choreographer, and the face of a Calvin Klein, Apple and Nike campaign. She's at the exact locus of celebrity where the fashion and music worlds are besotted, and she's done all of this without thirstiness or pandering to the mainstream.

After the release of the anticipated new album Magdalene, dropped in November, FKA Twigs is now ready to charm the Milan crowd with her only concert in Italy, tonight at Fabrique. 


There's not a single adjective that could define the style and the aesthetic of FKA Twigs. Among the designers she loves the most stand out Alexander McQueenVivienne WestwoodChristopher Kane and Craig Green, the dresses the wears never hide her ripped body, highlighting her forms without being tacky or too sexy, just sensual. Here's the great FKA's virtue, being able to pull off incredibly complicated and revealing outfits without resulting too vulgar or exaggerated, but deeply and beautifully feminine. 


Known for her bondage-inspired, out-there stage costumes, you’ve seen nothing until you’ve seen what Twigs can pull out of the bag when it comes to her hair. With FKA Twigs leading the way it’s a welcome return for ‘kiss curls’. We’re not entirely sure we could carry them off as effortlessly but we’re tempted to give them a go. Her infamous and beautiful baby curls that have become a signature look over the years. If FKA Twigs is wearing brown lipstick you know it’s making a comeback. With a lick of lipstick, she brings the nineties and punk together. Nose ring, optional. She embraces her freckles, which is a lesson for us all. Although, we suspect the freckle pencil might be responsible for a few of those seen here. Twigs demonstrates the most modern way to wear a matte red lip; with glossy eyes and not much else in the way of make-up. 


Fashion + Art 

As brilliantly reported by Art History Fashion, the bond between Twigs and the art world has increasingly got stronger, especially with the last album Magdalene. From the performances wearing Vivienne Westwood corsets recalling Caspar Netscher's portraits to Picasso's Arlecchinos as the source of inspiration for colourful and ironic looks, every one of her outfits hides deeper and obscure references, like the VMAs look that reminded of a Medieval painting where Mary Magdalene is depicted wearing lavish and elegant clothes. The visuals for home with you and cellophane are a sophisticated and sublime example of the contamination between art and fashion.