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Reebok unveils new supplement 'Nailed It'

For a super cool nail art

Reebok unveils new supplement 'Nailed It' For a super cool nail art

For its new Sport The Unexpected campaign, Reebok has decided to adventure in uncharted territory, perfectly in line with the hottest trends of the moment. 

The brand today launches Nailed It, a supplement that allows nails to grow faster and with a surprising makeover. With this new product, totally unexpected and with a bold and irreverent touch, Reebok will take care of strengthening your claws: Nailed It turns your regular nails into super cool nail art. With a specially developed strawberry-flavoured formula, every Nailed It sweet will favour the rapid growth of your nails while adding also a great touch of style. 

The new Reebok product is part of the Sport The Unexpected campaign, a brave and adventurous project that celebrates those who challenge conventions and break the mould. Nailed It supports the vision of the brand, which aims at encouraging free self-expression, having the courage of not going with the mainstream, through a new and unconventional vision where the real personality dominates. 

Nailed It will soon be available in the stores of the brand and online at Stay tuned on nss magazine for all the Reebok news.