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Beauty and sustainability, the latest initiatives

Brands are increasingly concerned about the health of the planet, supporting nature and clean products

Beauty and sustainability, the latest initiatives Brands are increasingly concerned about the health of the planet, supporting nature and clean products

With the help of the pandemic, which has made us rediscover the value of self-care, and of TikTok with its reviews and must-have trend and product suggestions, the global cosmetics industry is growing at an impressive pace. According to market research firm Euromonitor International, the sector recorded a total value of over $617.2 billion in 2023, and could reach $670.8 billion in 2024, with an annual growth rate of 9%. The growth will continue to such an extent that, according to Transparency Market Research, the global cosmetics market is expected to reach $663 billion, with an annual growth rate of 5%. These are huge numbers that represent a great interest in makeup and skincare, but also a great responsibility. Every bottle of shampoo, jar of cream or lipstick not only makes us more beautiful, but also has an environmental impact. Fortunately, producers and consumers are increasingly aware of the planet's fate and strive to best combine sustainability with a love for the beauty industry.

A less is more philosophy is emerging, according to which buying less and more consciously, opting for bulk and solid products, perhaps multifunctional and refillable, with natural and organic ingredients, packaged in recyclable packaging, is the way to go. The desire to adopt a greener lifestyle has driven many companies to review their practices and evolve towards a more responsible business model, also changing some production aspects, from the choice of raw materials to packaging, which - as revealed by a study by Unilever - accounts for 70% of the waste in the entire cosmetics industry. Thus, there is a move towards greater transparency in the supply chain, leading to the adoption of ethical practices, fair working conditions, respect for human rights, responsible production that minimizes waste, recycled materials, and zero waste. Sustainability also means preserving the planet and nature. Not just on special occasions like Earth Day.


Every year, between 6 and 11 million tons of plastic end up in rivers, lakes, seas, and oceans, with negative consequences for at least 690 species of marine wildlife. Only 15% of the world's plastic waste is recycled, and 22% is not properly managed. This is why Davines, a global B Corp that deals with haircare and skincare, is launching Ocean Keeper, a campaign to raise awareness about marine pollution, and renewing its collaboration with Plastic Bank by committing to donate €25,000 to Sea Shepherd to remove underwater landfills from the Mediterranean Sea. The Davines community can contribute by purchasing 3 SU line products at a special price of €70 in participating salons until July 31.

Yves Rocher

To mark the launch of the new eco-refill bath line and raise awareness about the importance of taking care of the Planet, Yves Rocher Italia, in collaboration with Angeli del Bello, is dedicating a day to cleaning the Naviglio Grande in Milan. The event will take place on Wednesday, June 19, starting at 10 AM, with a meeting point at the Darsena. On this occasion, the brand and all those who wish to join this clean-up project can come together and make a concrete gesture towards the city of Milan. To participate, just register for free at this link.

Acqua dell’Elba

Acqua dell’Elba joins Legambiente in the Tartalove project for the protection of sea turtles. This involves two initiatives. The first is a special edition of its Isola d'Elba 500 ml Room Diffuser, with a wooden diffuser personalized with the Tartalove logo, available until February 28, 2025, in all monobrand stores and on the brand's website. 15% of the proceeds from sales will be donated to the project. The second initiative is Tartabeachtour, which, during 15 events to be held from July 3, 2024, to August 27, 2024, distributed in various locations on the island, will offer educational activities and creative workshops about the world of sea turtles.

Aveda and Origins

Aveda and Origins, brands under Estée Lauder Companies, in collaboration with Green City Italia and managed by WWF Italia, support the redevelopment of the Giardino Pippa Bacca, a green space on Via Tommaso Da Cazzaniga in Milan (a stone's throw from Brera), dedicated to Giuseppina Pasqualino di Marineo, a Milanese artist known for Spose in Viaggio, who was raped and murdered on March 31, 2008, in Turkey. The project renews the flora and existing structures, such as benches, the garden, and the fountain.


BioNike announces its collaboration with Worldrise, an Italian non-profit organization committed to the conservation and enhancement of the marine environment, for SEAtizen Science. This is a project that promotes active community participation in providing and consolidating new knowledge for the protection of marine ecosystems and making a significant contribution to sea conservation. The next appointment is on August 3 in Golfo Aranci (SS), Sardinia.


Lancaster, together with Marionnaud Italia and in collaboration with Regenesi, promotes the project Ama il tuo pianeta. From April 1 to July 14, you can recycle old cosmetic bottles (of any material and any brand) by throwing them into the designated container at your local Marionnaud store. After handing over the bottle (and the promotion is cumulative), when purchasing 1 Lancaster sun product, you will receive an immediate discount of €5. The recovered bottles will be used by Regenesi, a company in the design and fashion sector Made in Italy that gives new life to post-consumer materials.