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Everything you need to know about Astro Facial

Can the stars determine our beauty routine?

Everything you need to know about Astro Facial Can the stars determine our beauty routine?

The true trend of 2024 in terms of wellness is a holistic approach that connects the mind and body. Consumers are increasingly seeking natural ingredients and treatments that not only care for the skin and make us beautiful but also act on the nervous system, reducing stress and promoting good mood. The beauty routine transforms into a true moment of healing, incorporating practices and elements from psychodermatology, which links psychological state and skin health; from neuro glow, based on the concept of neurocosmetics, which means the ability of creams and serums to trigger positive neuroendocrine reactions for both internal and external radiance; from the principles of Ayurveda; from crystal therapy; from aromatherapy and other disciplines, such as astrology. Thus, on the shelves of spas and in our bathrooms, next to shampoos, creams, makeup, and LED face masks, we find essential oils, aromatic essences, candles to stimulate energy and harmony, and astrological charts to guide us towards the best beauty routine.

What is Astro Skincare?

As the name suggests, Astro Skincare combines elements of astrology with traditional skin care practices. It is based on the belief that an individual's zodiac signs, particularly the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant, can influence the characteristics, needs, and overall well-being of their skin, thus suggesting the best ways and products to keep it healthy. This practice - increasingly popular with fans like Lily Allen and supermodel Erin O'Connor - considers the emotional and psychological aspects related to astrological signs to find a personalized solution that creates a sense of mindfulness, wellness, balance, and relaxation. How? Through the best beauty products and treatments paired with meditation, stress reduction techniques, and aromatherapy based on an individual's astrological profile.

What is an Astro Facial and how does it work?

This multidimensional approach to wellness that combines personalized skin health with elements of astrology is also the foundation of the Astro Facial. Among the spas popularizing this treatment is Salon C Stellar, a sensory clinic in London "where ancient wisdom meets modern science." Described on their website as "a fusion of skin health and astrology," the facial treatment seamlessly integrates science and neurocosmetics, combining personalized and carefully selected ingredients, advanced technology, and a meditative light journey aimed at promoting relaxation, rejuvenation, and overall well-being. The process begins with a double cleanse followed by a skin analysis. Then, the face is massaged with the zodiac oil of one's lunar sign, continuing with a combination of treatments tailored by the facialist based on the client's goals. Finally, an alginate mask is applied, followed by a guided meditation.

The secret ingredient? Besides the facial oils, cleansing balms, and gels, what makes the facial special is the zodiac oil from Children of Earth Skincare, which the facialist creates based on the client's birth time, date, and place. It is a mix of natural ingredients selected through astrobotany, which - as explained by the brand's founder, Arabella von Nesselrode-Reichenstein - is the ancient belief that every plant is connected to a planet, which can indicate how to treat any issue within our body.

Can the stars determine our beauty routine?

The mission in skincare is a healthy and radiant complexion achieved with natural ingredients and treatments combined with a holistic approach that also uses astrology as an additional resource to develop personalized routines. Some may be skeptical, but various studies confirm that the skin is constantly connected to the brain through a series of neurotransmitters like dopamine or cortisol: just think of dermatitis. So, if we are willing to believe in this and consider that the stars influence us in some way, why not open our minds and also consider the Zodiac when choosing a face cream or beauty treatment? After all, astronomer and science communicator Carl Sagan said, "The cosmos is also within us: we are made of star stuff. We are a way for the universe to know itself."