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5 nail art trends for summer 2022

Colorful and with unexpected touches, such as rhinestones and butterflies ready for a mani-selfie

5 nail art trends for summer 2022 Colorful and with unexpected touches, such as rhinestones and butterflies ready for a mani-selfie

Temperatures have risen (a lot). And along with them, the desire to bask in the sun and do nothing has risen. But the holidays are still a while away, so you can relax between siestas under the sunshade, an invigorating dip and cocktails with friends. You cannot associate summer with hands without a manicure, and here are five ideas that will surprise you. From precious gems to the mismatched catchphrase, passing by unexpected patterns. The shape to favor? Extreme freedom between short, round nails, now a firm favorite with the Kardashian clan, and razor-sharp, Nineties model nails worn directly in the Jacquemus front row by her majesty of style Victoria Beckham.


The Butterfly Nails

Butterflies in design and shape. The animal in perfect 2000s mood has now become the guiding spirit of Generation Z, who have chosen to wear them all the time, even on their nails. Sharp manicures, with a shape between rounded and squared, just like butterfly wings, have one or more adorable details with even a sprinkling of rhinestones.


The Rhinestone Nails

Translated as jewel manicures, they feature precious and colored gems for a bling-bling effect that is even more emphasized by the sun's rays. You can propose them in different ways, minimal with just a spot of light or encrusted with sparkle, on short and simple nails, like a French manicure, or on a cooler base such as a ballerina shape, perhaps with an ombré base.


The supermodel manicure

In shades of nude and very sharp. Jennifer Lopez brought it back into vogue at the MTV Awards 2022, opting for a very Nineties pink base on a long, square-shaped nail. Reconfirming the trend was Victoria Beckham who, at the Jacquemus fashion show, appeared as a guest wearing milk-colored hands with a shine finish, again with a very square tip. 


The micro French manicure

Forget the idea of the French manicure as you have always worn it. Because this technique is only suitable for short nails and is characterized by the line of polish on the tip applied in a very thin line. In short, a manicure reproduced in miniature on a rounded shape, for a sophisticated yet playful effect.


The mismatched nails

Could the catchphrase of mismatched nails not be present at the appeal? A different color for each nail, from the simplest creations, such as applying five shades of the same color to create a monochromatic rainbow, or lots of different pop details, including smiles and rainbows. The latest mania? Recreating them with nail sticks, which are easier to apply for those who are just not handy with nail polish.