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5 nail art trends for spring 2021

From degradé to blooming nail art, passing through a contemporary version of the classic French manicure

5 nail art trends for spring 2021 From degradé to blooming nail art, passing through a contemporary version of the classic French manicure

For next spring/summer 2021, even the nails are filled with details and colors! In addition to the catwalks of the latest Fashion Weeks, the trends come directly from Instagram and from stars like Chiara Ferragni and Dua Lipa, and are ready to amaze us. From the degradé manicure to the blooming one with 3D decorations, passing through the classic French manicure revisited in a modern way, here are the 5 nail art trends for spring nss G-Club has selected for you.



Gradient or degradé nails are undoubtedly a trend for next season because they give a sparkling and lively twist. But, remember, there are two dégradé techniques: the first involves a nuanced effect on each nail (like the one worn by Chiara Ferragni created by Isabella Franchi of @unghiedellamadonna) and is obtained by first applying the lighter base, then the darker shades to starting from the middle of the nail; the second is instead realized as a chromatic scale that starts from the thumb with a bright enamel shade, arriving at the little finger with the same color, but much softer.



Colored, angled, glitter or multicolored, this season's French manicure (a form of minimal nail art that colors - generally - the bezel of the nails leaving the rest of the surface natural) is very versatile and customizable: play with color, decorations and geometries for a surprise effect. A great classic that is always trendy.



Colorful flower blooms and natural elements will surely populate our nails for the summer: a bucolic explosion that sees, in addition to pastel colors and real flower bouquets, also the application of 3D decorations for an even more wow effect. Simple and romantic, it suits mainly rather long oval shapes well.



For the most romantic and not only, sweet hearts applied or designed on the nails: this will be one of the Spring/Summer 2021 trends. For a delicate and discreet effect, better opt for a natural or light pink base with contrasting hearts; if, on the other hand, you want an idea that won't go unnoticed, you can choose 3D applications or bright colors.



Yes, we will never get tired of pink, especially in spring! Evergreen color that matches with everything, but there are endless shades to choose from but - remember - the nuance that will be the most trendy this season is definitely baby pink: a real must have in terms of manicure. Synonymous with elegance, never banal or obvious, it makes every look chic and romantic.