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Gigi Hadid: the first photo strolling with her daughter

The model was photographed in New York with her sister Bella and little "Zigi"

Gigi Hadid: the first photo strolling with her daughter The model was photographed in New York with her sister Bella and little Zigi

Gigi Hadid is the coolest mom in town. If you don't believe it, take a look at the shots that are currently running around IG and other social networks. In the images we see the model making her first public appearance after her pregnancy while walking the streets of Soho in New York, where she has her apartment. Joining her there are the fiancé Zayn Malik, her daughter, who sleeps in an expensive Bugaboo stroller, and her sister Bella.

What catches the eye are the total black outfits of the two Hadids, perfect and beautiful even to face the cold winter days of the Big Apple. Gigi wears a maxi black coat over a denim shirt, black leggings and combat boot Dr Martens. All accessorized with round sunnies, a newsboy cap by Brixton and a face mask. Bella Hadid, on the other hand, opts for a long a Matrix-style leather trench coat, a beanie, a wool scarf, black boots, patterned jeans, a pair of square sunglasses and, of course, the face mask. 

Just a few weeks ago the top appeared beautiful, sweet, but a little tired. Gigi Hadid showed herself in this way on Instagram, sharing with her followers a new image together with her daughter, the little girl born last September. In the picture we saw the model in a new homely version, surrounded by a rural landscape, probably the farm of her mother Yolanda in Pennsylvania: a blue jumpsuit, a long ecru colored wool cardigan with a waist belt, styled as a bathrobe, zebra print socks, UGG Classic Mini II leather colored and wool beanie with the text "Vote". The attention, however, was focused on the little girl, whose name has not yet been revealed by Gigi or Zayn Malik, who lied peacefully on her mother's belly inside an animalier baby carrier, wrapped in a white fleece jacket with hood and teddy bear ears.

A whole new kind of busy & tired. - The eldest of the Hadid sisters confessed in the caption, adding - But she’s da bestie so she got Christmas decorations early.

Scrolling through the slide, in fact, we found out how the most beautiful family of the fashion system has decorated the house for the holidays. Between a few kisses to the little "Zigi", sparkles of red and colored lights, the highlight was the Christmas tree, full of kitsch balls and details showing the hobbies and passions of Gigi, Bella, Yolanda and Zayn as a pink Game Boy (remember the new mom's Halloween 2020 costume? ), a cheeseburger, a cocktail glass, a skateboard, a mini electric guitar and, on top, a star from Target's Christmas "Wondershop", decorated with the words "Santa Stop Here" and illuminated by a multicolor LED projector. Around the living room, completing the Christmas mood there were a red letterbox to send Santa Claus' wishlist, trunks, snow cones and many pillows wishing "Merry Christmas".

Everyone, from Dua Lipa to Hailey Bieber, commented on Gigi's new shots with messages and wishes, as they had done a few weeks before, when the model had posted a selfie with her newborn, showing a moment of ordinary everyday life. After feeding and Gigi, sitting on the sofa, holds the baby in her arms, dressed in a white T-shirt, gray pants and yellow socks, she is about to burp: "She Burps Sunshine".