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Are you a rave mom?

Being the most prepared girl at the party isn't a bad thing

Are you a rave mom? Being the most prepared girl at the party isn't a bad thing

The girlies are getting ready for festival season and coming prepared. All over TikTok, we’re seeing more and more young women announce themselves as the "rave mom", meaning the one friend who comes prepared for anything. We’ve all heard of a "party mom" — she’s usually your one friend who is always responsible, knows exactly where you’re going, everyone’s allergies, everyone’s drink preferences, and everyone’s drama. She’s the mastermind behind going out and she always makes sure you’re home safe at the end of the night. They provide a sense of security, knowing that no matter what happens, they've got your back. Well, with rave moms, it’s a similar story.

The power of the rave mom

It's not just about being ready, it's about the thrill of being the one who's got it all. Want gum? She’s got it. Need a lolly? She’s already given it to you. Overwhelmed and overstimulated? She’s brought extra activities for you to do on your own to cool down. It's a role that's as exciting as the festival itself. The rave mom is the most fun party mom because she’s not just responsible; she’s experienced. Every rave or festival mom has been to her fair share of parties, and the reason she’s prepared for everything is because she’s seen everything. 

@scarletvesper Verbiage matters

Neva, from the Netherlands, went viral for sharing her What’s In My Bag Rave-mom edition. Her bag featured an impressive digital camera, refillable water bottle, chapstick, two different types of gum (depending on what flavor you want), energy tablets for electrolytes, a mirror, fan, battery pack, multiple kinds of lollipops, perfume, and a Nintendo DS just in case you want to go be on your own. While it may seem excessive to some, these essentials are not just lifesavers at a rave; they're self-care necessities. Who wants to party for upwards of 6 hours and walk around not smelling fresh? No one because being out at a party is about enjoying the moment while taking care of yourself and making sure you’re safe.

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What to bring to a rave

While Neva’s WIMB is impressive, here are a few additions we’d make to the rave mom essentials that can keep you safe all summer long:

Sunscreen. Especially for day parties and outdoor festivals. If you’re allowed to bring in aerosols, some sunscreen can easily spray on top of your makeup to keep you fresh and protected all day long.

- Deodorant. Even if you just grab one of those travel-sized sticks, it will be a lifesaver.

- Earplugs. Standing in a loud music venue for hours on end can really damage your hearing. 

- Tampons. Even if you’re not on your period, someone else might be, and this could mean the world to them. 

- Hand sanitizer. Sometimes, the toilets at raves and festivals are less than adequate — to say the least. Bring some hand sanitizer with you for easier cleanup at the Dixies.

With a few of these essentials, you’ll be the perfect rave mom of your friend group, ready to take on every rave, party, and festival this summer. Remember to stay safe, and if you ever feel uncomfortable or ill, find first aid and let your friends know.