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Is The Idea of You about Harry Styles?

The film with Anne Hathaway and Nicholas Galitzine unleashes some speculations

Is The Idea of You about Harry Styles? The film with Anne Hathaway and Nicholas Galitzine unleashes some speculations

What happens when you bring together the Mother of social networks, the beloved actress Anne Hathaway, and the idol of Gen Z, Nicholas Galitzine (fresh from Red, White and Royal Blue and recently spotted in what could be described as romantic gestures with Camila Cabello at the Vanity Fair after party) in a romantic film seemingly inspired directly by the love life of Harry Styles? Social networks explode, and theories abound. Let's delve into it.

The Idea of You, the Plot

Based on the eponymous novel published by Robinne Lee in 2017, The Idea of You tells the story of Soléne Marchand, a divorced 40-year-old woman who, at her ex-husband's request, accompanies her teenage daughter to the Coachella music festival. Unexpectedly, Soléne meets Hayes Campbell, a 24-year-old, the leader of the world-famous boy band August Moon and her daughter's idol. There's an instant spark between them. Hayes dedicates a song to her, and in the following days, he seeks her out, showing interest in her work and art gallery. Overcoming her insecurities, primarily based on the age difference, the two dive headfirst into a whirlwind romance, traveling the world together and stirring public debate. "People hate happy women," her colleague warns her, but Soléne is determined to do what makes her happy, against all odds.

Marketing Campaign and Social Theories

Following the release of the first trailer, which premiered on YouTube on March 6th, an exciting promotional campaign is underway. It began with an Instagram profile dedicated to the band and even a single available on all platforms titled "Dance before we walk." In essence, it's an immersive and effective experience that is captivating audiences with the band even before the film's release, scheduled for May 2nd on Prime Video in Italy. In some of the photos of August Moon (and also in some of Nicholas Galitizine's outfits), though, the most ardent fans of the One Direction couldn't help but notice some resemblances. Not to mention the plot. When it comes to Harry Styles, the options are abundant. The 1994-born singer, in fact, had a relationship with Caroline Flack in 2011, who was 15 years older than him, while in 2021, he officially started his romance with the director and actress Olivia Wilde, who is exactly 40. The similarities don't end there. To work on the songs of the fictional band, Carl Falk and Savan Kotecha were hired, who collaborated on writing What Makes You Beautiful. So, what's the deal?

Other Books and Films Inspired by One Direction

It wouldn't be the first literary or audiovisual work to draw extensive inspiration from Harry Styles and company. Perhaps not everyone knows that the successful book (and film) series After is based on a fanfiction about Harry Styles. For The Idea of You, however, things are a bit more nuanced. According to the author of the novel herself, while the August Moon is loosely inspired by One Direction, the story is not. Riding the wave (the English boyband announced a hiatus in 2016, the book was released in 2017), Robinne Lee primarily wanted to focus on her protagonist's story, asking questions about what happens socially to a woman as she begins to age. Are we convinced?