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5 farmsteads around Milan to visit during summer

For a sweet escape from the city and a full immersion in local cuisine and nature

5 farmsteads around Milan to visit during summer For a sweet escape from the city and a full immersion in local cuisine and nature

After dreaming with the selection of houses by the sea and in the mountains, now is the time to think about those who spend the summer in the city. Surviving the heath of Milan (and Italy in general) in this period is difficult, but not impossible: the things to do are a lot and it is possible to enjoy the time even more thanks to the peace that characterizes the summer time.

But if you really want to breathe a different air, just move few kms to spend a day surrounded by green, tasting delicious dishes. The agricultural economy of the area here manifests itself in all its splendor, creating a beautiful landscape today protected and protected, rich in nature, history and culture, and a lovely bucolic vibe perfect for updating our Instagram feed with new pictures.

The farmsteads are typical structures of the Po Valley and still house farms, farms, dairies, but also barns, barns, ovens and many other activities. We selected the most beautiful farmsteads in the surroundings of Milan, all strictly less than an hour away.


La Bettolina - Gaggiano

La Bettolina defines itself as a Slow Cook Inn. Located just 30 minutes from Milan, its completely renovated location offers international cuisine and a careful selection of beers, without having to give up a delicious pizza. The outdoor area also includes a vegetable garden and many lights, for a romantic and relaxing atmosphere.


Locanda Chiaravalle Borgo Nuovo - Milano 

If you want to make your escape from the city truly complete, you can sleep at the Locanda Chiaravalle, which was once a convent of nuns, situated just 20 mins from the city center. Don't be fooled by the name because the dishes are worthy of a gourmet restaurant. The atmosphere is from another era, but expertly recreated by very young children.


Granai Certosa - Certosa di Pavia

Now we change the county and move to Pavia. At the Granai Certosa farm you can taste traditional Pavese dishes in the large and fresh garden or in the porch and then buy local products directly in the new farm shop, which really offers spoiled for choice: rice, honey, eggs, salami, bacon , goat cheeses, biscuits and cakes. In just 30 minutes, you'll arrive to this dreamy location to spend a day far from the grey sky of the city.


La Rampina - San Giuliano

Everything here smells of history: at the entrance, a wisteria of over 300 years will welcome you, while the roots of the restaurant lie in the sixteenth century. Just 25 minutes from Milan, La Rampina won a Michelin star and also the taste of Gualtiero Marchesi, who has always considered it the home of the Milanese ossobuco.


Camp di Cent Pertigh Restaurant - Carate Brianza

The name of the restaurant-farmhouse derives from the Milanese saying "Sem ammò al camp di cènt pertigh!", "this field that measures one hundred perches" is located right here, where the restaurant with the same name now stands, located inside the Parco della Valle del Lambro (45 minutes from Milan). The furnishings are in perfect rural style or, as we would say today, shabby-chic, and contribute to giving a unique touch to the atmosphere. You can also sit on tumbleweeds, for a truly bucolic souvenir photo.