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5 eco-friendly beauty brands to try

"Green" products at affordable prices, easy to find online and in cosmetics stores

5 eco-friendly beauty brands to try Green products at affordable prices, easy to find online and in cosmetics stores

nss G-Club already spoke different times about the importance of buying green cosmetics, without harmful ingredients for the environment and for our skin. Although many still think differently, building our beauty routine in a conscious way can be very simple. Using "clean" products is important and we don't need to spend huge amounts. Indeed, even in the supermarket there are really good eco-bio brands at lower prices that will surprise you! Let's find out together.



Omia is one of the most popular Italian eco-bio brands. This is because it can be easily found in many supermarkets and the value for money is surprising! The brand has different lines for personal care: from shampoo and conditioner to deodorants, soaps and body creams, sunscreen and an excellent line of products for the skin of our face. The ingredients are all natural and certified, the aloe vera skincare line is perfect for normal-oily skin, the argan line for more mature skin while the almond and mauve one for dry and sensitive skin.

nss G-Club special tip: Mauve and almond cleansing milk for the face is super delicate and has a heavenly scent. To be used both as a morning cleanser and as an evening make-up remover.




I Provenzali is also a well-known and appreciated Italian brand. The brand has always been attentive to the quality of the raw materials in all its products and is even more so in the I Provenzali Bio line. Specifically for the face there are two product lines, the rosehip one suitable for all skin types and the argan oil line, for mature skin that wants an anti-aging action.

nss G-Club special tip: The rosehip face serum is a truly excellent product. Its formula is rich in active ingredients and leaves the skin radiant, hydrated and soft.




Last year Garnier launched its Garnier Bio line on the Italian market, Ecocert certified products, with green formulas and packaging that respects the environment. All the ingredients used come from renewable sources and support fair trade. The prices are really excellent and the range of products is so wide as to satisfy the needs of every type of skin, from oily to drier ones. The natural raw materials used are lemon grass with a rebalancing action, lavender to regenerate, thyme to purify, cornflower with a soothing action and argan oil to nourish.

nss G-Club special tip: The lavender face oil has an illuminating and smoothing action on the skin. To be used alone for a relaxing face massage or together with the moisturizing cream.




The brand Equilibra has two excellent lines for skin care. It is not a certified organic brand, however its products are (almost) all 98% of ingredients of natural origin. The aloe line is perfect for all skin types, while the argan line for skins that need anti-aging action. Excellent quality, low prices and many natural ingredients.

nss G-Club special tip: The cream for eye area of ​​the argan line is a super good product. Argan oil, grape seed oil, sweet almond oil, hyaluronic acid and vitamin E for a more relaxed and hydrated look.




IThe Geomar brand is usually known and appreciated for its thalasso and anti cellulite mud, but it also has a very good natural skin care line! Skincare products contain up to 95% of ingredients of natural origin and the brand also has a range of organic products based on aloe vera. There is also a series of very interesting disposable masks for hydrating, exfoliating, nourishing, firming, illuminating and with detox action.

nss G-Club special tip: The nourishing and velvety face mask is super!Organic shea butter, royal jelly extract with nourishing action, ceramides and milk proteins to regenerate the skin.


Did you know already these brands? Have you ever tried any of their products? If you have seen them at the supermarket or perfumery, we recommend you to run and try them!