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Discovering liquid blush

How to choose it and how to apply it for summer 2024

Discovering liquid blush How to choose it and how to apply it for summer 2024

Liquid blush is one of the major protagonists of the beauty universe for summer 2024. Thanks to current looks, which suggest preferring a radiant complexion, eyes lightly enhanced, and lips adorned with lip gloss: with these premises, the desire to tint our cheeks with soft shades, and preferably ones that are super easy to apply, comes almost automatically. From choosing your favorite shade to the moment of application, here's a brief portrait of a makeup ally capable of winning over even those who aren't (yet) very skilled with makeup.

How to Choose the Blush Shade?

Choosing the perfect blush color for oneself presents more than one opportunity. This means that based on the mood of the day, clothing, and - naturally - personal preferences, it is suggested not to exclude any options beforehand, and to have fun carefully examining the proposals of various brands. To simplify, some simple guidelines come from color analysis. For those belonging to the summer or winter season, thus, with a cool undertone, it goes without saying that cooler tones generally will better enhance our complexion. Those belonging to the summer season can start the search for the perfect product from mauve and antique pink. Those in the winter group might find the best product to enhance their cheeks in the range of intense (strictly cool) pinks and cherry reds. For those belonging to the spring or autumn season, the focus is on warm hues. In particular, those in the spring group can easily fall in love with bright colors like warm-toned pinks, bright red, and peach, while those belonging to the autumn set will be conquered by brick tones and, more generally, orangey reds.

How to Apply Liquid Blush

If at this point you're wondering how to apply liquid blush, well, the good news is that it's a much easier task than you might think. If the goal is to achieve a natural-looking makeup and, at the same time, give the face a lifted appearance, the suggestion is to proceed by applying blush to the most prominent area of the cheeks, which can be easily identified by smiling in front of the mirror and observing the most protruding part of this area of the face. Then, blend the product towards the temples, thus creating an optical illusion of a lifted face upwards. As for the tool used to apply liquid blush, generally these products come with an applicator that allows easy dosage of the selected shade you want to apply on the skin. To blend the product, it's recommended to use fingertips or a suitable brush, taking care in any case to avoid abrupt color separations.

Liquid Blush or Powder Blush

Just as it's impossible to determine what the best liquid blush is (it's up to each individual to identify their favorite), it's very difficult to assert which product might be more capable of winning over, and there's great indecision between liquid and powder blush. Both options are available on the market in a wide range of colors, so as far as choosing the ideal shade is concerned, the previous indications referring to the world of color analysis are reiterated.