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All the guests who will be at Sanremo 2024

From international stars like John Travolta to singers like Tedua and Tananai

All the guests who will be at Sanremo 2024 From international stars like John Travolta to singers like Tedua and Tananai

We're there. The 74th edition of the Sanremo Festival is about to begin. Monday's green carpet, which previewed some looks we might see in the coming days, officially kicked off Sanremo's week. Have you decided where to watch the Festival? With friends or on the couch with a blanket and a massive supply of caffeine to keep you awake every night and find out who will make it to the top 3 and who will win FantaSanremo? Once that's settled, to be ready for the long TV marathon with Amadeus, a little review of what to expect is in order. There are 5 nights, each with a different co-host: Marco Mengoni, Giorgia, Teresa Mannino, Lorella Cuccarini, and Fiorello. The competing singers are 30, including veterans like Fiorella Mannoia or Loredana Bertè, as well as debuts like Rose Villain and BigMama. And the guests? Forget the glitz of the '90s and the early 2000s. Just like Jannik Sinner, the recent winner of the Australian Open, who withdrew. But don't worry, Amadeus said a lively, music-filled party awaits us. When Mahmood, Ghali, Alessandra Amoroso, Annalisa, and the other singers are not on stage, there will be some guest appearances (rumor has it that last-minute additions might happen). Curious to know who?

Guests of Sanremo 2024 on Tuesday, February 6th

Tuesday is not only the first night of Sanremo 2024 but also, in a way, Marco Mengoni's day. The singer will debut in the unique role of co-host alongside Amadeus and will also perform with Due Vite, the song with which he triumphed at the 2023 edition of the Festival. Will his entertaining skills match his singing prowess? We'll find out soon. In addition to Mengoni, there's little room for guests, as all 30 competing singers need to perform. Ski champion Federica Brignone, actor Edoardo Leo involved in a new TV series airing in April titled Il Clandestino, and the mother of Giovan Battista Cutolo, the musician killed in Naples after a quarrel, will take the stage. At some point during the first night, Amadeus will connect to external stages for two more musical moments: Tedua will perform on the Costa Smeralda (also returning for the final), and Lazza on the Suzuki Stage in Piazza Colombo.

Guests of Sanremo 2024 on Wednesday, February 7th

It starts with international stars. On Wednesday, February 7th, John Travolta returns to the Sanremo Festival. It's unlikely to surpass the heights of when he massaged Victoria Cabello's feet in 2006, but the actor, who turns 70 this year, is sure to be as charming and accommodating as ever. What will he do on the Sanremo stage? In a recent interview with Fabio Fazio, Amadeus admitted not having decided yet, or perhaps he wants to keep it a mystery. Maybe the two will dance together to the tunes of Grease or the Pulp Fiction soundtrack... who knows. Another eagerly awaited guest is Giovanni Allevi, returning to the stage after a long period, over two years away due to multiple myeloma. The pianist, composer, and conductor won't be the only non-competing musician to perform. Giorgia, co-host of the night, will celebrate 30 years of E poi; the Nuova Orchestra Santa Balera will celebrate 70 years of Romagna mia; while Bob Sinclar and Rosa Chemical will be in connection from the Costa Smeralda ship and the Suzuki Stage in Piazza Colombo, respectively. Guests also include Leo Gassmann, presenting the film Califano dedicated to the Roman singer-songwriter, and the cast of Mare fuori, a beloved TV series that just released its fourth season.

Guests of Sanremo 2024 on Thursday, February 8th

Russell Crowe is the international star expected on the Ariston stage on the third night. The Gladiator star, Massimo Decimo Meridio, will probably do more than a brief interview and take the stage at the Ariston as a musician with his band Indoor Garden Party. Another guest on Thursday, February 8th, is Eros Ramazzotti, returning to the Festival to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Terra Promessa, with which he won in the New Proposals category at the 1984 Sanremo Festival. During the show, there will also be room for Stefano Massini and Paolo Jannacci, who will dedicate a song to work-related deaths, and Sabrina Ferilli to promote the Gloria TV series. Finally, Bresh will perform from the Costa Smeralda stage before returning in the fourth night to duet with Emma in a Tiziano Ferro song medley. There will also be a connection with Paola and Chiara from the external stage in Piazza Colombo. The Iezzi sisters confirm their role as protagonists of Sanremo 2024. They are indeed among the co-hosts of PrimaFestival and will duet with Ricchi e Poveri on the cover night.

Guests of Sanremo 2024 on Friday, February 9th

The cover night is the richest in guests, as each competing singer will duet with someone. Alongside Emma, Nek, and Francesco Renga, Ghali and Clara Soccini, we will see, among others, Jack Savoretti, Skin, Gianna Nannini, Eiffel 65, Boomdabash, and Malika Ayane. The stage will also feature the cast of Mameli, a miniseries dedicated to the author of the Italian anthem. A highly anticipated moment of Sanremo 2024 is the live return of Gigi D'Agostino, absent from the scene due to health problems, who will make everyone dance from the Costa Smeralda. Meanwhile, Arisa, a former Sanremo winner in 2014 with the song Controvento and co-host in 2015 alongside Carlo Conti with Emma Marrone and Rocío Muñoz Morales, will perform on the Suzuki Stage.

Guests of Sanremo 2024 on February 10th

The final of Sanremo 2024 will be dedicated to Italian talents. During the Saturday, February 10th show, Roberto Bolle, Gigliola Cinquetti returning to Ariston to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Non ho l'età, Luca Argentero, and Claudio Gioè presenting the new seasons of Doc – Nelle tue mani and Makari will take turns as guests. Finally, Tananai will be a guest from the external stage in Piazza Colombo, and Tedua will perform from the Costa Smeralda.