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Creative activities for summer

4 classes to take with friends that combine creativity with a glass of wine

Creative activities for summer 4 classes to take with friends that combine creativity with a glass of wine

Sun, heat and lots of free time. Summer holidays are an opportunity to try out new creative hobbies in the company of friends, whether in the city or at the seaside resort.

Creative activities for summer 4 classes to take with friends that combine creativity with a glass of wine | Image 461863

Between a glass of wine and a story for Ig, 'creative classes' are an opportunity to learn something, take home an object made with your own hands and, most importantly, have a few laughs with friends. On TikTok, content with a 'creative experience' theme grows exponentially and goes so viral because it's spontaneous, fresh and fun.

Whether it's a pastime for boring city afternoons or an experience to make your holiday unforgettable, here are the best activities or courses to do with friends in Europe:

What to do in Milan - Drink & Clay

It seems that ceramics is quite trendy: on TikTok, views of these hashtags are in the hundreds of millions. For a special experience in Milan, there is 'Drink & Clay', an aperitif where cups and saucers are modelled between a spritz and a bruschetta. But pottery classes overlooking the sea are also popular in Greece.


@cheezycakeyz your sign to take a pottery class in 2023
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@worldthroughsim1 Come with us to a clay & aperitivo event. highly suggest if your looking for somethung fun and different to do in Milan

What to do in Milan - Make your own rug

The technique is called 'tufting' and consists of making a custom-made carpet from a reference drawing. Bring a lot of patience, because it is a slow process that ends with the 'shaving phase", a very satisfying process in which the surface of the entire carpet is shaved to reveal the final design. In Milan you can go to Yam Lab.

@varyaren Tagga un amico con il quale vorresti fare un tappeto

What to do on the Amalfi Coast - Cooking class

The backdrop is the sea and the focus is on fresh gnocchi and tiramisù, to live up to the cliché of dolce vita that is so popular on social media. The cooking classes take place in stunning locations: they begin with the vegetable harvest in the garden and end with the tasting of one's own dishes with a view of the sea. Music, dance and wine are not neglected.

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endless wine & dancing …… & some cooking

This Is The Life - Sped Up Version - Amy Macdonald & Speed Radio

What to do in London and Barcelona - Painting class

With a brush in one hand and a glass of wine in the other, you may not become Vermeer, but you will paint your own artwork in a happy and light-hearted atmosphere. Courses are often organised around a theme or a painter.

@meganwilson_xx Painting and wine night
@meganwilson_xx Painting and wine night


Not only in big cities or tourist locations, these initiatives are a good motivation to explore one's own town, especially on those August afternoons when there is not the usual traffic.