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Silver Grey is the color of 2022

Don't think of it as suitable only for the holidays. Silver is the shade of the future (and we're here to tell you why)

Silver Grey is the color of 2022  Don't think of it as suitable only for the holidays. Silver is the shade of the future (and we're here to tell you why)
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The most recent news, which is rocking the web, is that the Birkenstocks worn in the 1970s by Steve Jobs, with soles that well preserve the imprint of his feet, have been sold at auction for the sum of $218,000. And we can see why the new, anonymous owner had a hankering for them. These shoes, sold new in store for around 120 euros, were worn by the computer genius at very crucial moments in Apple's history, in that famous garage in Los Altos, San Francisco, where, in 1976, the very first computer was born. And we want to imagine him with these slippers on his feet when, still together with his partner Steve Wozniak, he was giving birth to what for years was called the Apple Silver. For it is precisely Silver Aluminum that defined the initial aspects of the company's revolutionary products, such as our very first tablets and iPhones. Over the years this color has been retained, perhaps modified in hue, and year after year it has been juxtaposed by a variety of eye-catching shades to please all customers. But it is one exact variant of the Apple gray shade, among the earliest created, that has stuck with us the most, namely Space Gray, a space-age silver that now more than ever inspires our wardrobes and beauty cases, as if somehow Steve Jobs, in the fantastic 1970s, had already assessed what would be the metaverse color of 2022. An aesthetic stimulus that looks to the future and that, inevitably, as soon as we turn around, we see on someone.


Also helping in this piloted choice to opt for silver rather than gold is the cinema. First suggested by the spacecraft of Star Wars and the dystopian world of Blade Runner, it still lives on the hair of the stars of House of Dragons and on the armor of the fighter Galadriel in the unexpected The Rings of Powers, a prequel to The Lord of the Rings. But the color effects chosen by fashion houses, celebrities and the most avant-garde manicurists prove it to us every day: silver is alive more than ever and does not tire us. If beauty pioneer was for sure Paris Hilton, who in the 2000s wore silver eyeshadow, with barely noticeable metallic flashes on the eyelid, even to go shopping, the boom in silver uniforms has given us fashion this year. See Area, Loewe, Alexander McQueen and Celine, for example. After all, why do they like this metallic shade so much? Over-exploited, speaking in terms of armocromia, by those whose complexion falls into the two cold seasons, i.e., winter and summer, it manages to give the right glow to anyone who wears it, as long as they have a cool undertone. Liquid just right, it appears fluid as it caresses the body and somehow forges sculptural details on it that are rarely seen wearing other fabrics. Not to mention the sharp flashes that aluminum gives to any look, elevating them to a dimension between the celestial and the spacey. To shine, then, there is nothing cooler than the glow of silver. The galaxy you want to get to you know, parties or not, but now you also have the tool to take off.

If silver outfits don't convince, beauty does. In addition to eyelids reminiscent of iridescent mirrors, the boom was revealed on the nails. Accomplice is Hailey Bieber, who brought chrome nails back on the scene. The data of the rest speak for themselves: since the It-girl has flaunted these iridescent nails like the blade of a sword, searches for #haileybibernails, on Tik Tok alone, have skyrocketed to almost 400K views. The moral? Steve Jobs, among his many merits, has provided us with more than a color a real power tool to make us look even brighter. AKA: let's make the most of it.