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The most inspiring SS21 campaigns

From Givenchy to Marine Serre

The most inspiring SS21 campaigns From Givenchy to Marine Serre

Spring is coming and, with it, the desire for new clothes and accessories, more colorful, light items, able to remove the weight of a hard winter. The same mood of simplicity, intimacy and optimism is evoked in the shots of the SS21 campaigns. Most of the brands, from Kenzo to AMI, from Marine Serre to Givenchy, decided to show the most representative creations without too many filters and frills, focusing on a series of intimate portraits and eye-catching styling. All this, while maintaining a touch of glamour or sophisticated references to the great masters of photography. 

Here are the 5 most interesting SS21 campaigns released so far.



Photographer: Glen Luchford

Models: Kyla Ramsey, Effie Steinberg and Fisher Smith

Nomadic, free, young and optimistic. For KENZO's new campaign, Felipe Oliveira Baptista revisits some of Glen Luchford's vintage shots. The result is a photographic journey around the world, from Los Angeles to Havana, from New York to Marrakesh, which fully reflects the cosmopolitan and timeless spirit of Bee a Tiger, the SS21 collection. 

Marine Serre

Photographer: Marc Hibbert

Models: Chloe Winkel & Zana, Turgay & Yasemine Cakli, Juliet Merie, Vladimir McCrary, Amalia Vairelli & Melchior, Chloe Winkel, Chihiro Niuya & Sons, Kim Peers, Kristina DeConinck & Nicolas Duée

Marine Serre explores existentialism and change in the AMOR FATI's campaign. The SS21 collection lives on in a series of black and white shots by Marc Hibbert, inspired by 1990s high school yearbook portraits. Each of the models hugs someone loved or holds a small object, such as a cactus or cat, that are a symbol of the little things that really matter in life. In fact, according to Serre, "AMOR FATI is an invitation to embrace any aspect of life, without judgment."


Photographer: Heji Shin

Models: Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Playboi Carti, Anok Yai and Liam Powers 

For his new campaign as Givenchy's creative director, Matthew M. Williams hired a major name cast including Playboi Carti and Bella Hadid. Each of them wears a look that reflects who they are, bringing to life the most iconic pieces of the SS21 collection. Gigi's younger sister, squatting in a feline position, sports a butter-colored bodycon dress with cut-outs leaving bare skin visible. Kendall Jenner, on the other hand, is the protagonist of two looks that show both the feminine and masculine side of the Givenchy woman: in the first, the model poses in a rust-colored suit accessorized with a mini Antigona bag and a chain necklace embellished with a "G"; while in the second, she wears a slim-fit coat with a pair of black pants.


Photographer: Michael Bailey-Gates

Models: Lily McMenamy

As in the brand's last fashion show, staged on the banks of the Seine, the focus of AMI's SS21 campaign is water. This fluid, natural yet almost magical element is the star of Michael Bailey-Gates' shots, along with some of Alexandre Mattiussi's favorite models. They are intimate, minimalist portraits that mix colors and black and white and are inspired by the aesthetic and visual codes of Richard Avedon and Irving Penn.


Salvatore Ferragamo

Photographer/Director: Luca Guadagnino

Models: Mariacarla Boscono, Maggie Cheng, Jonas Glöer, Samer Rahma and Anok Yai

For its SS21 campaign, Salvatore Ferragamo opted not for a simple series of shots, but for a fashion film directed by Luca Guadagnino entitled Life In Technicolor. The director evokes the noir atmospheres and style of Hitchcock's masterpieces such as Vertigo and The Birds, the same ones that inspired the new collection, in a cinematic Milan as never before. Mariacarla Boscono, Maggie Cheng and the other models wander, looking as elegant and glamorous as 50s stars, between the Rotonda della Besana, the stairs of the church of San Fedele and Via Catena with its mosaic floors.