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Fendi SS21 collection

Silvia Venturini Fendi's ode to family

Fendi SS21 collection Silvia Venturini Fendi's ode to family

Silvia Venturini Fendi's latest fashion show at the helm of Fendi womenswear, before the new artistic director Kim Jones presents his vision of the brand next season, is an ode to family, to craftsmanship, to those traditions that are passed down from generation to generation. 

Previewed by La Famiglia, a series of shots by Nico Vascellari portraying members of the Roman dynasty in their homes wearing SS21 items, and announced by an invitation that was actually a package of pasta, the co-ed show featured a heterogeneous cast of models, some of whom were related, such as Edie and Olympia Campbell, which included Ashley GrahamPenelope TreeKaren ElsonMariacarla BosconoPaloma Elsesser and Jill Kortleve. 

Among white curtains and the projection of shadows of stained glass windows open to the outside world, the Roman designer has reworked the concept of "Dance Tonight Revolution Tomorrow" bringing on the catwalk a refined collection, inspired by the past, with clothes recalling the mood of the traditional "corredo" of the Italian family.

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“때론 집 창가에 앉아 집, 가족 그리고 우리가 사랑하는 모든 것들의 본질적 가치들에 대해 생각해보았어요. 세대를 거쳐 전해지는 것들 말이죠.” 펜디의 2021 봄/여름 컬렉션에는 세상을 바라보는, 그리고 곁에 있는 소중한 사람들을 생각하는 실비아 벤추리니의 따뜻하고 여린 시선이 담겼습니다. 창가의 햇살 그림자가 드리워진 하얀 천을 배경으로 톱모델 에디 캠벨, 에바 헤르지고바 등 다양한 연령대의 남녀 모델들이 그녀의 새 컬렉션을 입고 걸어 나왔습니다. 종이 코스터를 연상시킬 정도로 얇은 레이스 디테일, 시스루 소재들이 주를 이루었습니다. 물론 퍼 소재도 놓치지 않았죠. 아주 세밀하게 커팅된 퍼 재킷은 예술 작품 그 자체였고, 가녀린 깃털로 둘러 쌓인 백도 눈길을 끌었습니다. 쇼 마지막 비춰진 화사한 창가 그림자는 힘든 시기를 보내고 있는 우리 모두에게 희망을 전하는 듯 했습니다. 내년 초 킴 존스가 펜디에 합류해 첫 컬렉션을 선보이는 시기에는 부디 그 희망의 메시지가 맞닿아 있길 바라봅니다. @wkorea #editor_진정아

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The silhouettes are fluid, the colors soft, gradually changing from red, sky blue, to total black, with some vibrant pastel tones for the accessories. Opening the show were shirts, protagonists in different declinations: from destructured chemisier in light fabrics to linen caftan, from mini dress to jumpsuit, worn with ankle boots and gloves en pendant. The 40s cut longuette dresses, combined with hats with wide rounded visors, alternate with elegant power suits and floral midi dresses with wide sleeves. On these romantic creations stand out the à jour embroidery and bobbin lace work, reminiscent of the linen sheets that mothers gave their daughters when they got married.  

The accessories? Fendi plays with shocking color accents, from pink to yellow, with a new version of the Peekaboo, a straw bag declined in different models, from the one with the double F perforated to the one in lace or covered with feathers. The novelty is the fluorescent turtlenecks combined with gloves and ankle boots.

Even the hairstyling was retro. Sam McKnight has created the "Fendi rolls", a kind of chignon made by combining rolls of hair to form a sort of square mosaic on the back of the neck, while the front is sleek. Peter Philips' make-up opts for two looks, both with a super glamorous effect: the first is focused on the look, with stone gray shading on the eyelids; the second gives a touch of color to the lips with a dark pink lipstick.