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The "swimfluencer" of summer 2020

Lyst's report reveals the celebrities and swimwear trends that ruled the season

The swimfluencer of summer 2020 Lyst's report reveals the celebrities and swimwear trends that ruled the season

Following the lockdown, the desire of the seaside and to wear a swimsuit exploded. Common people and celebrities finally left at home tracksuits and comfy outfits, so the main focus of summer 2020 was beachwear.

Bikini or one-piece? Fluo or printed? Minimal or super sexy? According to Lyst's report the bikini beats the one-piece swimsuit with 57% of the research against 37%. The online search platform analyzed the behavior of more than 9 million online users per month on more than 12,000 e-commerce and mono-brand online and discovered trends and "swimfluencer" that with their style have inspired our shopping, pushing us to desire animal and tropical prints, 90s bikinis with fluorescent colors, pareos (item back into fashion).  The most influencing celebrities? Chiara FerragniBella HadidDua LipaChrissy Teigen, Lizzo and, surprisingly, Olivia Paladino, partner of Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte.

Here are the 5 trends and the "swimfluencer" of summer 2020.


Dua Lipa - Disco-style

It's time for the big comeback of the 90s with fluo colors, lurex and sparkling details, such as the Dua Lipa bikini: a patchwork of neon shades and rhinestone applications by the Italian brand Ack Swimwear. In the two weeks following the Instagram post in which the singer wore it, Google searches for "Dua Lipa Bikini" have increased by 50%, the brand's searches on Lyst by 71%, while those of "disco-style" swimwear by 93%.


Chrissy Teigen - Animalier

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It is not only the Tiger King phenomenon that celebrates the animalier style. From Chiara Ferragni to Hailey Bieber, from Sofia Richie to Bella Hadid, all celebrities love leopard, zebra, tiger prints and they choose them even for the summer, boosting the search for this kind of item by 44% on an annual basis. One of the most coveted swimsuits was Reina Olga swimsuit worn by Chrissy Teigen during her family trip, which increased the searches for the brand by 117% in the 48 hours following the publication of the post.



Lizzo - Tropical

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Fruits, leaves, palms, flamingos, exotic flowers are the main players of 2020 beachwear. In the last 2 months tropical prints have been much sought after, reaching 41%. Even celebrities love them, especially the curvy ones, who choose them for the beach. Some examples? Since Lizzo and Ashley Graham posted a photo in a bikini with a tropical print, research on Lyst has increased by 20% in just 48 hours and 19% respectively. 


Bella Hadid - Underboob

If last year the trend was the sideboob tops, the fashion of 2020 prefers those that let you see the bottom of the breast, so much so that research for these items has increased by 78%. With the arrival of summer the focus has become the "minimalist" swimsuits covering only small portions of the body; in particular, thanks to Bella Hadid, Google searches for underboob swimwear increased by 178%.


Jennifer Lopez - One piece

Although most of the girls this summer opted for the bikini, the one-piece swimsuit remains a timeless classic. Surprisingly the actual influencer of the Italian summer, with an increase of 926% of searches for "first lady" in recent months has been Olivia Paladino. The partner of Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has inspired the desire to buy one-piece costumes. Like her, Jennifer Lopez wore one with a maxi Guess logo for her bike ride around the Hamptons, increasing the search for this item by 120%, which shortly afterward ended up sold-out at several online retailers. Katy Perry, pregnant with her first child, chose a purple Eres one-piece swimsuit, prompting many fans to buy a similar one and increasing research on Lyst for the French brand by 72%.