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The ultimate guide for the perfect eyeliner

Advice and tips to try in these days of quarantine

The ultimate guide for the perfect eyeliner  Advice and tips to try in these days of quarantine

The days at home, we know, are becoming more and more boring: by now you have experimented all the recipes found on the web and seen most of the Netflix tv series that you had saved in your wishlist. Well, this means that the time has come to experiment with new things. Why not start learning to apply the eyeliner perfectly, finally? Or, if you already know how to do it, from practising with a new technique so that - once the quarantine is over - you will no longer be late to the office and blame it to the eyeliner?

Let's face the reality unless you have a degree in geometry, the firm hands of a surgeon or a strong attitude for art, mastering the eyeliner technique is not at all easy and you risk falling into the most common beauty mistake of the irregular line. It happened to everyone, at least once, to get to the result of an eye make-up to forget. And the question arises here: how can other girls apply it so perfectly? 

Don't worry, you don't have to be a make-up artist to learn how to put it on. All you have to do is practice, during these days with a lot of free time available, following our little tricks. Thus, step by step, the result will approach the one from the beauty addicted who have made eyeliner the must-have of their beauty look.

Needless to say, the comma that rises towards the outside of the eye is only the classic version, as well as the simplest and most versatile version, for wearing the eyeliner. Obviously there are many other methods and styles to draw the line (or the lines), also considering that the shapes of the eye are infinite and therefore everyone can have his own technique, but it is important to start from the basics to get familiar with the product first to be able to indulge. Let's begin!


Step 1

First of all, to make the line straight, all you need is an adhesive tape (yes, the adhesive tape that we usually use to stick things). Cut a piece a few centimetres long and press it lightly on the hand to attenuate part of its adhesive power; this will help prevent it from sticking too firmly to the delicate eye area.

Step 2

Once cut out, position the tape under the lower lashes in the outer corner of the eye and tilt it upwards, avoiding to bring it towards the end of the forehead otherwise you risk that your "wing" takes the form of a hook (Amy style Winehouse). The effect we want to achieve is slightly more delicate.

Step 3

Start to draw, in the centre of the line of the upper lashes, a strip that will go towards the outer corner of the eye using short lines and similar to dashes. Make sure to place your little finger against your cheek for added stability and control.

Step 4

masking tape as a ruler, continue to draw the line along and beyond the outside corner. Do not worry if part of the eyeliner ends up above the scotch tape, it has been positioned there in order to be removed (along with the burrs). Instead, make sure that the line gradually becomes thinner as you draw it.

Step 5

Finish the line by returning to the centre of the eye and drawing short thin strokes on the tear duct thus intensifying the effect.

Step 6

Wait a few seconds and then remove the adhesive tape gently, being careful not to touch the line with your fingers.

The result? You will immediately see how the scotch, once removed, will leave a perfectly outlined tail of eyeliner. To practice, you can also change the style by positioning the adhesive tape with the shape you want to recreate (high, low or straight) following the same simple procedure. Online you will also find many video-tutorial to follow the steps during the process.

And now we come to the best products to replicate the steps, that we selected for you in a mini shopping guide.