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Bubble mask, the "bubbling" face mask

The made-in-Korea beauty trick for a brighter skin

Bubble mask, the bubbling face mask The made-in-Korea beauty trick for a brighter skin

Miley Cirus made it viral on Instagram and so the phenomenon made in Korea of ​​the bubble masks escalated quickly and still keeps surprising us today. These special face masks, when in contact with skin, begin to sparkle, giving instant brightness to the epidermis: they have in fact conquered the beauty world, transforming what was a trend of the moment into a real long-lasting phenomenon. 

But what's so special about it? The particularity lies in the texture, which changes during the application. In fact, once applied, these masks begin to create a lot of bubbles - like a carbonated drink just poured into the glass - which is used to cleanse the skin, eliminate blackheads and give brightness to the face.

The reason for this "bubbling" process is the perfluoropolyether, a substance which in contact with the skin, triggers a chemical reaction releasing oxygen, with incredible illuminating power.
In fact, inspired by oxygen therapy treatments, with the given differences, it acts on the surface giving a less lasting but more immediate effect.

How to apply it? Spread the bubble mask with a spatula or directly with the fingers on your face and leave it on acting for a few minutes (from 1 to 20, depending on the type of product). Once applied, when the mask starts to act creating the bubbles, it is time to rinse it with warm water, in order not to make the treatment too aggressive for the skin.

Here our selection of bubble masks - to try immediately - in a mini shopping guide.



A cleansing foam mask, which minimizes pores in one minute and ensures a uniform complexion. The result? A perfect skin, ready for treatments and makeup.
Exposure time: 1 minute.



The self-foaming mask with a gel texture that transforms into foam in contact with the skin, effectively cleaning the pores through the action of exfoliating micro-bubbles.
Exposure time: 1 minute.



Purifying mask in refreshing bubbles that leaves the skin deeply cleansed, purified and ready for makeup.
Exposure time: 2 minutes.



A fabric mask soaked in a bubble-effect formula with natural spirulina to detoxify the skin instantly.
Exposure time: 15 minutes.



A bubble mask with clay, carbon powder and carbonated water suitable for mixed, oily and blackhead skin.
Exposure time: 20 minutes.