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Ideas for Easter nail art

From bunny French to abstract pastel patterns

Ideas for Easter nail art From bunny French to abstract pastel patterns

Eggs, chocolate, bunnies and chicks are some of the things that come to mind when we think of the Easter holidays. If we then add some typical elements of the arrival of spring, such as flowers in bloom, the sun colouring the landscape, small animals waking up from hibernation or the scent of the beautiful season intoxicating the air, we would have the perfect inspirations for the manicure of the coming months. So, let us make an appointment with our trusted nail artist or start collecting coloured nail polishes and brushes because it's time to experiment and decorate our nails.

Here are some ideas for Easter nail art that we can also wear throughout spring.


Pink peonies

Peonies are gorgeous. Large, fragrant, pastel or intense, delicate. Maybe that's why they are the most popular flower for Instagram photos. So why not try painting them on your nails. To better show off their silhouette and colour, choose a transparent base, like @betina_goldste does, and if you love minimalism, you can also choose a single nail to make something special.



For many, Easter rhymes with chocolate. Cocoa in all its shades, including a literal inspiration to sweets and chocolate bars, has been a popular shade in recent months, perfect even for those who do not like pastels and vitamin tones usually associated with warm seasons.


Blooming Cuticles

For once, ignore what Miranda Presley says about using floral patterns in spring. So let poppies, roses, daisies, tulips, peonies or any other flowers you love bloom on your nails, especially on your cuticles.


Quail Eggs

The main feature of this manicure is the dots, which are randomly arranged on the nail plate, vary in size and are inspired by the design of quail eggs. The base is usually in pastel shades. If the final effect is a little too much for you, opt for a French. 



What could be more classic for spring than playing with pastel shades: pink, green, light blue, yellow, lilac... Combining them is very easy. You can alternate the colours like you would with cone nails or use them for small designs, flowers and graphics.


Bunny French

Easter can be an opportunity to become a child again by drawing silhouettes of small, delicate bunnies instead of the classic French. If you like simplicity, choose white, if you want to play with colours. The important thing is to indulge in a bit of sweetness and fun.


A Kind of blue

According to fashionistas, blue will be the colour of the coming months. So get used to wearing it on your nails. Whether you mix different shades, add a simple polish all over the nail or recreate a specific pattern is up to you and the mood of the moment.



Peaches, cherries, strawberries, apples, lemons, ... if you do not feel like eating them, draw them on your nails. As with the peonies, it is advisable to leave the lower part of the nail transparent to highlight the fruits and make them even more appetising.



Even if you are not a professional in nail art but want to try a manicure at home, you can try new solutions beyond the full colour nail. One of the easiest techniques you can experiment with, with a little courage and DIY spirit, is the graphic or abstract effect. Let your imagination run wild and draw dots, stripes, splashes of colour and other shapes that suit your creativity.


Here is a selection of nail polishes for your Easter and spring manicures:

GITTI no. 167

GITTI no. 167

DEBBY quickDRY nail polishes

DEBBY quickDRY nail polishes



DEBORAH Gel effect new

DEBORAH Gel effect new