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The benefits of vitamins in our beauty routine

There are many types of supplements to improve our skin, nails and hair

 The benefits of vitamins in our beauty routine There are many types of supplements to improve our skin, nails and hair

To be honest, we could add a "Step 0" to our beauty routine: make sure you take the vitamins and minerals our body needs every day. However, we often fail to consume the famous 5 rations of fruit and vegetables or we simply take magnesium to counteract exhaustion and the annoying effects of premenstrual syndrome. An extra help for our in-and-out health and beauty comes from an industry halfway between cosmetics and food: in our nss G-Club beauty secret this week we talk about supplements.

Born in the ‘20s to facilitate the intake of certain elements, particularly in sick subjects or post-surgery, today supplements and vitamins are actually consumed by healthy people. In fact, the market boasts impressive numbers: among its consumers there are 32 million Italians, 60.5% of whom are women. According to Net-A-Porter in 2018 shoppers spent more on supplements than on skincare.
A mass consumption therefore, dictated above all by a widespread need, today more than ever, for health, prevention and wellness, with effective results for 74% of those interviewed.

Premises not bad at all, considering the promises made by some nutricosmetic supplements - i.e. the sub-category of supplements that focuses on our beauty - such as fighting broken nails, wrinkles, skin blemishes and hair loss.

As always this is nothing new overseas, the inimitable Gwyneth Paltrow has of course launched her exclusive product - GoopGenes - a real beauty drink based on collagen, to improve the appearance of our skin from the inside out.
Kim Kardashian has encapsulated the placenta of her second son Saint, Halle Barry cooks bone broth for nutrients and Katy Perry takes vitamins and supplements three times a day.
The whole Kardashian clan is also testimonial of the most famous gummy bears of the Instagram, Sugarbearhair, real multivitamins that remind more of candies than a medicine.

Yes, because that's what it actually is and of course the utmost care is needed when it comes to choose which supplements to take and the dosage, not to mention that supplements should never replace a complete and balanced diet. 
There are still no independent clinical studies that demonstrate the absolute effectiveness for all of the different food supplements available on the market and there is no shortage of detractors either, who consider them only successful marketing operations

As we say, however, curiosity is female and just as we experiment and test different products for our skin and hair, we can choose reliable and as natural as possible solutions to support our organism, filling the gaps deriving from nutrition, season changes and particularly stressful periods (exactly, like this one).

Here then is our mini guide to know which elements to look for in supplements according to your needs.

Vitamins and minerals to promote hair growth: keratin, vitamin D, collagen peptides, hyaluronic acid, B complex vitamins, iron, vitamin H.

Vitamins and minerals for the skin

  • Collagen, vitamin A, omega, vitamin C to combat aging. 
  • Vitamin A, zinc, omega and probiotics to help acne skin. 
  • Vitamin E for super bright and moisturized skin.
  • Omega 3 and 6 to fight dry skin

Here we have selected the vitamin treatments we are most curious about.


The perfect combination of fully customized ingredients, thanks to a reliable test that studies our lifestyle. Takevitamina is a 100% Italian startup that also exploits the properties of plant extracts.


Collagen Youth Drink supports the body from the inside with a combination of selected nutrients. The effects of #INNERBEAUTY Collagen Youth Drink were confirmed by a clinical study in 2019: average improvement in skin hydration, skin elasticity and the depth of individual wrinkles.


To maximize the homemade tan on the balcony and prepare for summer, wherever it may be. We can find it in many supplements like the ones by Bioderma.


A routinary diet and season changes are the enemies of our hair, but thanks to a mix of amino acids, minerals, black rice and prickly pear extracts, this supplement from Bionike comes the rescue.


multivitamin that acts simultaneously on hair, skin and nails. 


The Dermatologist Borysiewicz, in an interview to Vogue UK, recommended the assumption of prenatal vitamins (in particular the famous folic acid) even to non-pregnant women because they contain excellent mixes of ingredients and are extra safe, being intended for expecting women.