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Face Yoga: the benefits of yoga techniques to our face

Everything you need to know about this beauty secret

Face Yoga: the benefits of yoga techniques to our face Everything you need to know about this beauty secret

Raise your hand if you've done yoga at least once since the quarantine began. As we have already told you, due to the particular moment we are experiencing activewear but also yoga and meditation apps are experiencing a real increase.

However, this week's nss G-Club beauty secret focuses on a very particular kind of yoga. We are talking about face yoga, also called facial fitness or facial gymnastics.

Our face is in fact formed by almost 60 muscles and many people have been wondering why we should not pay attention and train as well this part of us, always exposed and visible. The roots of face yoga are in common with the wider discipline and its exercises have actually been practiced for centuries. In countries like the United States and Russia they are already well known thanks to teachers specialized in the practice, such as Carol Maggio or the famous Fumiko Takatsu, who created the YouTube channel Face Yoga Method.

In early 2018 some dermatologists and researchers at Northwestern University, together with Happy Face Yoga founder Gary Sikorski, decided to carry out the first scientific study on face yoga, analyzing a group of middle-aged women. The result? At the end of the research, which lasted 20 weeks, they all looked about three years younger.

The benefits

The success of the practice is due precisely to its anti-ageing properties: it reduces expression lines and stimulates microcirculation, which in turn promotes cell renewal. The result is a 100% natural glow! By training the deepest muscles, under our skin, we guarantee their tone and elasticity, keeping them young and healthy.

It is also a great way to deflate the most critical areas and work in particular on certain imperfections (such as double chin or under eyes bags, which our intense use of the smartphone keep accentuating).

The exercises 

When it comes to tutorials, YouTube is still the go-to-place. There are really a lot of exercises and practices that focus on the areas to be treated - typically forehead, eyes, mouth, cheeks and neck.

But also on Instagram you can find a lot of tips and video explanations. Our favourite account is Anna Kostina’s one, better known as @yogaface.kostina. Anna is a teacher at Rama Yoga Milano and she is also giving lessons on Zoom these days.

nss G-Club special tips

In questi giorni di calma prova a fare una sessione di face yoga al mattino e a usare il jade roller, la bacchetta Kansa o il Gua Sha la sera. I tool per aiutarsi nel face fitness sono davvero tantissimi. Uniti a una buona beauty routine ti regaleranno un effetto post facial da star.

In these days of calm and home relax, try to do a face yoga session in the morning and to use the jade roller, the Kansa wand or the Gua Sha in the evening. There are so many tools available to help us with facial yoga. Combined with a good beauty routine you will treat yourself with an amazing facial.