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Which is the best way to apply moisturizer?

And what if the answer was 'with a brush' as done by Kylie Jenner?

Which is the best way to apply moisturizer? And what if the answer was 'with a brush' as done by Kylie Jenner?

These long days inside our houses give us the opportunity to try new activities or twist a bit the ones we already do. Whether you're following our advice or you're already too overwhelmed by work, we hope you're at least keeping up with your personal beauty routine, giving yourself a little pampering every day. In our beauty secret this week we are talking about a different way of applying face cream, which comes straight from the States and no less from Kylie Jenner

The youngest of the Kardashian sisters, in fact, years ago, during a YouTube make-up tutorial, showed how to apply the moisturizing cream with a brush (needless to say, a very expensive one). Internet and Twitter, in particular, went crazy, wondering if we all had always made a mistake with an apparently simple and everyday gesture. 

Well, the CEO of Kylie Cosmetics and the world's youngest billionaire knows how to do her job well, and there are many make-up artists and dermatologists who claim as well that applying the moisturizing face cream with a brush ensures a uniform application and creates the perfect base on which to apply the foundation. Not to mention that the sensation is that of a delicate massage on the skin

On the other hand, we are used to using a different brush for each product: foundation, bronzer, blush, face powder, eye shadow... why should fingers be the only way to apply our precious creams? This way the procedure becomes much more hygienic and imperfection-proof, in case not all of us are used to wash our hands well just before applying the cream (even if these days it should not be a problem).

The famous brushes’ brand Real Techniques has also created a special set for the application of skincare products: from cream to masks, eye contour and lip scrubs. The important thing is to make sure the brushes are made of synthetic and non-absorbent material and clean them once a week.

Here are some sets of brushes to try to apply your favorite creams with a new result, and the products to ensure a complete cleaning of the brushes!