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nss G-Club Beauty Secret: 10 ways to use a facial spray

Face mists are the product you didn't know you needed in your beauty routine

nss G-Club Beauty Secret: 10 ways to use a facial spray  Face mists are the product you didn't know you needed in your beauty routine

Loved by the make-up artists from all over the world, certainly even those involved in this week's MFW, a face mist is not a real must-have for many beauty addicts just yet. Some people question the effectiveness of these products and some use them rather occasionally. In fact, facial mist, thermal spring waters, herbal and flower beauty elixirs are rich in minerals and oligo-elements, as well as precious allies to always ensure proper hydration, especially when we are not at home. Nothing new for our Eastern peers, that started to use this beauty secret on the go way back in 2017.

In today’s nss G-Club beauty secret we tell you all the different uses of this spray & lazy-proof skincare and our shopping tips, according to different formulations.  

  1. Makeup primer: face spray is an excellent...spray primer. Try to vaporize it on your makeup brushes before use to better apply products.

  2. Makeup setting spray: it fixes your makeup and removes the annoying "dusty effect" when you exaggerate a bit with foundation and powder. Just spray at 10cm away from your face and let it dry. 

  3. After (or during) your workout: an instant shot of hydration and energy, everything you need at the gym. 

  4. A Morning wake-up call: if you need an extra dose of coffee in the morning, you'll be pleasantly surprised by this effect. This freshwater nebula on your face wakes you up quickly and is good for you. A good toner replacement. 

  5. Hair fix: one spray is enough to fix a messy lock of hair and restore volume.  

  6. Anti redness: face spray soothes reddened and stressed skin. It is ideal after waxing and shaving, after cosmetic surgery, skin rash or that nasty sunburn that you will soon (shortly) get at the sea. 

  7. Daily hydration: the small travel size package version will become a piece of your desk’s furniture and a precious ally against office air conditioning or heating.

  8. Final rinse: use it as the last rinse after tap water. Being limescale-free it will leave your skin cleaner and better prepared to receive skin treatments. 

  9. Anti-pollution: it is a great way to neutralize the harmful effects of smog and pollution for everyone that lives in the city. One spray is enough to rebalance the skin's Ph. 

  10. Anti-heat: the perfect remedy against summer heat, to give relief to hot skin and avoid dehydration. Pro tip: in summer keep your thermal water & face spray in the fridge for an extra dose of chill!

Below you will find a selection of face mist sprays to try now. 

Kiehl's Cactus Flower & Tibetan Ginseng Hydrating Mist Face Spray


Caudalie Beauty Elixir


Clinique Fit Workout Face + Body Hydrating Spray


Mario Badescu Aloe Vera Face Spray


La Roche-Posay Eau Thermale


Vichy Thermal Water