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5 books about astrology for beginners

To discover the magical world of zodiac signs and constellations

5 books about astrology for beginners To discover the magical world of zodiac signs and constellations

If you have ever asked your parents to find out the exact time of your birth, then you know that astrology is more complex than just "what's your zodiac sign?". There is much more to discover and learn: the birth chart, the position of the Sun, the rising sign, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus. But what does this mean? Well, if you are wondering how to learn more about the magical and fascinating world of astrology, nss G-Club is the place for you: from the monthly horoscope (here's what happens in October) to the dedicated Instagram page, @astrogclub. Once the foundations have been laid, there is nothing better than reading a book dedicated to this discipline to learn more.

nss G-Club selected 5 books about astrology that will help you explore this world starting from the basics up to more specific topics. They are simple and suitable for "beginners", easy to understand and super interesting. Get ready to impress your friends as you analyze the features of their zodiac signs and their birth charts!


1. The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need - Joanna Martine Woolfolk

Starting from the basics, this is really the only astrology book you'll ever need, even the title says that! It is a best-seller written by American astrologer Joanna Martine Woolfolk. If you are passionate about astrology and want to start learning more, this book cannot be missing in your library. It is a book of about 500 pages, a real guide that will allow you to know everything about your zodiac sign, discover your moon sign, calculate your ascendant and learn about the influence exerted by the planets on your personality. But not only that, there is also a section dedicated to the sentimental affinities between the signs, so you can know if the stars agree on your crush of the moment or "next!".


2. Astrology. A manual to trace the horoscope - Gisella Melluso

This volume is also perfect to start approaching the magical world of astrology. What can you find inside? You will learn about the constellations, the zodiac signs, their meanings and the connection they have with our destiny. You will understand the influence of the planets on our life, you will know the astrological houses, the symbolism of the signs and you will learn how to draw up the horoscope. Also inside there are the ephemeris tables, perfect to consult to familiarize yourself with astrological transits. A complete manual to consult every time you want to discover a new curiosity.


3. The astrology of you and me - Gary Goldschneider 

Younger brother of the well known Personology, this book will be your number one ally to understand how to behave like others based on their zodiac sign. Each sign has its own characteristics, which reflect a lot on the way of living and approaching people. This manual will teach you how to survive the holidays with your Libra friend, how to live peacefully with your Taurus brother or how to impress your new Gemini crush. Very useful and super fun!


4. Astrological signs, the pulse of life - Dane Rudhyar

The book deals with the symbolism of the twelve astrological signs, the meaning of which is based on the cycle of the seasons. Each sign represents a state of human experience that each person will experience. In this little book of about 100 pages you will be able to deepen the deepest symbols of the twelve zodiac signs and how these mark the phases of our life.


5. Moon Spells - Diane Ahlquist

This book is not about astrology in the strictest sense of the term, but rather about the lunar cycle, the different phases of the moon and the role of these influences on our daily life. We could define it as a "book of magic" that explains how to use the phases of the moon to fulfill one's desires through a series of rituals. Candles, crystals and incense are just a few items you'll need, and the book will walk you through how to use them. In addition, the last chapters also discuss the importance of the role of the Moon in astrology and its meaning.