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All the beauty initiatives to support breast cancer research and prevention

October is getting pink

All the beauty initiatives to support breast cancer research and prevention October is getting pink

If for Sex Education all vulvas are beautiful and different, the same goes for the breasts. Small or large, tall or short, apple or pear-shaped, with flat or inverted nipples. In short, the breast is important for women and must be taken care of. This is the reason why the month of October is tinged with pink, to raise awareness of how important prevention is against breast cancer.

Breast cancer is in fact a common enemy, it can occur suddenly or be linked to hereditary factors, and it is the most frequent cancer in women, affecting on average about one in eight women. According to Komen Italia, during the months of the pandemic, breast screenings were significantly reduced; this means that a large number of women who could have received an early diagnosis will face the disease later in time and, therefore, at a more advanced stage. In 2020 alone, in Italy, according to the Aiom-Airtum report, 54,976 new diagnoses were registered, a percentage that covers 30.3% of all forms of cancer. This is why you shouldn't lower your defenses and book an annual check-up ultrasound. Along with information on the disease, however, something more is needed. We are talking about research, which today has allowed 87% to be cured, and about funds that can continuously finance it. And here the beauty brands come to the rescue which, with their pink October, not only make us reflect on the importance of a screening but also allow, through limited editions, to be able to donate part of the proceeds to associations.

For example, for the seventh consecutive year in Italy, The Estée Lauder Companies, in support of Fondazione AIRC, will donate, for the entire month of October, 5 euros from the sale of selected products of the Maison's brands. Repêchage, on the other hand, supports Pink is good from the Umberto Veronesi Foundation, so does ghd: having reached its 17th annual limited edition collection, this year called Take Control Now, the brand has raised over 20 million dollars for charities engaged in the fight against breast cancer globally.

The brand of silk, Francine Haircare, thanks to the creation of two special limited editions in pink, will donate part of the proceeds from the sales to the charity project NI.ART.GALLERY launched by Nicoletta Saracco, a young woman who fights against a metastatic breast cancer and supports the oncological therapy department of the IEO-Monzino, where he is currently being treated.

L’Erbolario promotes Nastro Rosa campaign organized by LILT, with the distribution of 1,500 boxes containing some products designed for women; LPG continues its international commitment in favor of women affected by breast cancer with 2 limited edition products; QVC add a donation to selected products, and Natura Bissé is alongside Salute allo Specchio at the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan.