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The 5 coolest celebrity couples of 2020-2021

From the highly anticipated confirmation of the love story between Rihanna and Asap Rocky to the new rock & roll couples

The 5 coolest celebrity couples of 2020-2021 From the highly anticipated confirmation of the love story between Rihanna and Asap Rocky to the new rock & roll couples

If there is one thing that nss G-Club can't do without, it is love stories and no, I am not referring to those that see us personally involved, but to the stories whose protagonists are our favorite celebrities of Hollywood and surroundings. In this magical place some of the couples were born who have made us dream the most, since time immemorial, or even "suffer" because of their sad ending, but whose images still pop up on the Instagram feeds of our favorite pages and in the our nostalgic imagery.

The comeback between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck is a proof. When news of their romantic getaway to their new Miami mansion leaked a few weeks ago, the whole world gasped. The "Bennifer", as we like to call them so much, were one of the most loved couples of the early 2000s and their come back is the icing on the cake of a 2021 in which the coolest couples of recent times are establishing themselves in the show biz . So nss-G club has compiled the top 5 of our favorite couples of 2020-2021.



Ever since Riri was the protagonist of the Flacko Fashion Killa video, the chemistry between the two has always been evident, and for years, on a potential love story, we fantasized about it based on the principle of "it's not true but I I believe it". The good news is that, after rumors and various sightings, we have the official that our time has not been wasted: in a recent interview with GQ, Asap Rocky confirmed their relationship and called Rihanna "the love of his life". Just imagine if the two were to have children... awwww!




These two couples deserve an honorable mention especially for bringing back the myth of the punk love story, something we thought we had archived forever after the end of the love between Alexa Chung and Alex Turner. And here is Megan Fox and Kourtney Kardashian to serve us a noteworthy plot twist. In fact, once the relationships with the fathers of their respective children have been definitively archived, their hearts seem to have returned to beat to the sound of rocknroll respectively with Colson Baker, aka Machine Gun Kelly, and Travis Barker, former drummer of our beloved Blink 182. In reality , the relationship between Megan and MGK began in 2020. The two came out and made their relationship official when Megan was chosen as the protagonist of the video of her single Bloody Valentine and from then on their sexy and eccentric looks they have become absolute protagonists of their red carpets and their releases, which are often joined by Kourtney and Travis, as on the occasion of the singer's 31st birthday.

Between the latter, things went differently. In fact, they have been friends for a long time and Barker's participation in some episodes of KUWTK is proof of this. The rumors of an in-depth knowledge between the two followed until they were confirmed on Instagram by the same, between holidays in the snow and days at Disneyland with their respective children. Very important note: Kourtney's name is already imprinted on Travis's skin who has chosen to declare all his love for her with a tattoo dedicated to her.



It was 2018 when Ariana sang Thank you, Next! and in retrospect, it would seem that the single was a good omen since she has been married for a few days to real estate agent Dalton Gomez. After a series of unfortunate relationships, in fact, Ariana seems to have found the right one, away from the spotlight. The two got married secretly on May 15th at their home in Montecito. Galeotto was precisely the meeting between the two on the occasion of the purchase of the house which later became their love nest. A real fairy tale, the one that our Ariana has always dreamed of and we are super happy for this new couple!



Is it possible to find love in the midst of a pandemic? It would seem so, at least according to Vanessa Hudgens, who, after filing the relationship with actor Austin Butler, said she met her current boyfriend Cole Tucker, a baseball player, during this "unlucky" period for new meetings, at least the non-virtual ones. How was it possible? On Zoom, during a group meditation video call. It is true that everything is possible in Hollywood!