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A documentary about Britney Spears is coming

"Framing Britney Spears" by the New York Times tells us about the pop star's battle against her father's conservatorship

A documentary about Britney Spears is coming  Framing Britney Spears by the New York Times tells us about the pop star's battle against her father's conservatorship

The feud between Britney Spears and her father James "Jamie" Spears is about to hit the screen. Starting Feb. 5 on FX and Hulu, we could watch Framing Britney Spears, the documentary made by The New York Times chronicling the pop star's career from her rise to her mental breakdown in the mid-2000s, focusing specifically on the court battle that still keeps her under the legal tutelage of her parent.

Let's go back to 2007. It's impossible not to remember the paparazzi photos showing the singer out of control, with her hair shaved. Those shots were just the top of a deep personal crisis that led Britney to hospitalization and TSO, but, above all, to the loss of her independence. Since 2008, in fact, James has become both her guardian and the administrator of all her daughter's assets. Thanks to this conservatorship, i.e. the American legal instrument that provides for the appointment of "a guardian to manage the finances and the most important decisions of a person who is judged not able to take care of himself/herself, for both physical and mental reasons", the man controls every aspect of Spears' life. According to what was explained in a post by Diet Prada, without her father's permission Britney, who is considered unable to make decisions on her own, spend her own money, cannot see her children, give interviews, get married, vote, but not even do more mundane things like driving, using a cell phone or social media independently.

The conservatorship was established to prevent the artist from making bad financial and business decisions, but also to protect her from people "with selfish interests who want to hurt her," although many believe that the most damaging presence for her is James himself, who is more interested in financial assets than in his daughter's well-being. Notably, it sounded strange that despite the star is thought to not be able to take care of herself, she has managed in recent years to continue her career with world tours, records, a role as a judge at X Factor USA, residencies in Las Vegas. There are also those who read the videos posted by Britney on Instagram in which she dances with a glazed look, locked up in her house, as calls for help, to be freed from the paternal oppression. A message heard by many fans of the singer and turned into the #FreeBritney movement. Even if Larry Rudolph, Spears' current manager, continues to minimize James' tutelage, defining it only as a way "to help Britney make business decisions and manage her life in ways she can't do on her own right now", her fans and many celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Chiara Ferragni last summer protested and launched social calls against the conservatorship.

After years of alleged (?) abuse, in November 2020 Britney asked the court to remove her father's conservatorship and announced that she would no longer perform as long as he has control over her career. Unfortunately for the pop icon, her requests were denied. A judge in Los Angeles has, in fact, extended Britney's guardianship and the singer's requests, including the permanent removal of her father from his role, will not be approved or modified until February 2021.

We all hope for Britney to get back her independence, but more importantly, we hope she can find balance, strength and peace of mind. As we wait to know if the court will eventually give her back the power to decide on her life, let's look back at some of the star's best looks.