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Welcome to Gigi Hadid's new pop apartment

With works of art and home design, she gave voice to the creative flair of young female designers

Welcome to Gigi Hadid's new pop apartment With works of art and home design, she gave voice to the creative flair of young female designers

A new chapter in Gigi Hadid's life is opening up and the whole world is the audience. From the catwalks of the most interesting designers of the moment to the pregnancy, and now also the arrival of a new luxurious home. The supermodel, on the eighth month of pregnancy with her partner Zayn Malik, in fact showed on her Instagram Stories the design of her new apartment in New York, full of art and unique design pieces. Five bedrooms, six bathrooms and many other comforts and small luxuries in the new love nest of the couple, made special by the works of many creatives "who have gone along with my desires without thinking I'm crazy" says Gigi.

The model's mother Yolanda Hadid was the undisputed adviser in creating her personal "dream spots" for her and her future family. Gigi gave a voice to young and creative female designers, so this house tour, in the name of female creative flow, becomes the ideal starting point to recreate colors and atmospheres to give new life to each apartment in the upcoming months.


The living area

Colorful and with warm but neutral tones, the living area makes us think of oriental and distant atmospheres, and is characterized by a sofa by Missoni with cushions by Jean Paul Gaultier. A dark straw basket contains vintage magazines and a personalized marble necessaire with the initials "G.H". On the wall is a work by the very young American artist Austyn, known for her explosive and vibrant color palette. Another touch of style are the pair of Kith skis leaning against the wall, which reflect the nuances of the Missoni sofa. How much energy in the air!



The kitchen

During the quarantine, the model repeatedly shared recipes and photos of pasta-based delicacies, and in fact reserved a place of honor for pasta in the heart of her home. The sideboards are adorned with a colorful work by Linda Miller Nicholson, specialized in decorative creations with the Italian food. In the chests of drawers there is a showcase in which different tinted and decorated pasta shapes are inserted as if they were a work of art in a display case. A unique and original idea that has amazed many and will surely inspire home design enthusiasts.

In front of the hob with black marble inserts, a glossy lacquered yellow island houses a wooden cutting board perfect for all knife preparations. A basket full of billiard balls gives an unusual twist to the situation. Another inspiration to take and reinterpret.


The walk-in closet 

Gigi has not (yet) shared much about the walk-in closet, a magical place that we are very curious to discover. From the small sneak-peek you can see a large bright room, with a wall window, where an ornamental and ancient chair is positioned, with tassels and yellow details in front of a mirror with Hollywood lights.

The bedroom

The most intimate room in the house, with a double bed with white pillowcases and native style Forest Garden lamps, currently sold out on the brand's website.


The bathrooms

The main bathroom in glass and wood is very bright and full of shelves and drawers to store the thousands of products that Gigi receives every day. One of the other six bathrooms is very different and metropolitan, covered with a collection of illustrated covers of the New Yorker. A delight for the eyes of fans. The theme "writing" also refers to a gigantic yellow pen placed next to the door of this characteristic bathroom. Could it be the place where Gigi channels his creative thoughts? We will know more very soon, it will not be long before we get a live video on her beauty routine from this dream place.

In the "New Yorker" themed bathroom an artwork by Eamon Harrington stands out, with an inspiring quote: Welcome all races, all color, all sizes, all cultures, all genders, all beliefs, all religions, all types, are safe here. The welcoming mood of this new home totally embraces the ideas and the spirit of its inhabitants and those arriving.