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The heroines of Japanese cartoons: Fujiko Mine

Best known as Margot, she is a proud, independent and brave woman

The heroines of Japanese cartoons: Fujiko Mine Best known as Margot, she is a proud, independent and brave woman

Of all the Japanese manga and anime heroines, Fujiko is not the first that one could think of. Maybe because she is not really a hero, but a shrewd and subtle thief. To worsen the situation, then, add a general confusion about its role within the saga, mainly due to the mess combined by the Italian dubbing of the anime that in some episodes has renamed it Margot. Yes, Fujiko and Margot are actually the same person. Fujiko Mine is the only leading female character in the anime and manga series dedicated to Lupin III, the gentleman thief born from the fantasy of Monkey Punch. Her story begins in a way that today gives us shivers: in the manga, in fact, Lupin is a young man modeled on the figure of James Bond and in the first volumes he meets many different women, all named Fujiko (in honor of Mount Fuji). Just enough to make your skin crawl. The only reason Fujiko was born, listen, listen, is the effort for the author to invent a new character every week.


Who is Fujiko (aka Margot)

If Lupin is modeled in the image and likeness of James Bond, Fujiko is the perfect Bond Girl. Shrewd, egocentric and obviously beautiful, she is the incarnation of the typical femme fatale. Both in the manga and in the anime her nude scenes abound at the limits of pornography, indulging in the way in which she shows off a surreal body typical of the trait of Japanese manga. Although her character does not shine as an icon of contemporary feminism, some of her characteristics are interesting. Fujiko is a proud woman, a sort of "feminist 2.0": her strength lies in her cunning and intelligence, yes, but above all in the way she uses her body to seduce, deceive and abandon men, bold but very aware. And she's not evil at all: on the contrary, her victims are always mean men who aim to take advantage of other young women who are less strong than her. Precisely for this reason, Lupin, who sometimes seems to appreciate her more for her shapes than for her personality, looks at her with the same respect he as for his life companions.


The love story of Fujiko & Lupin 

Her love affair with Lupin could be seen as partially illuminated, too. The two of them met each other at the very beginning of the saga, in the first episode of the series (episode 0), after the death of Brad, a rival to the gentleman thief, as well as the sentimental interest of Fujiko. Brad's death marked her deeply; if she always looks diffident and detached towards Lupin, it is only because she is scared to suffer again. Even if we never witness their relationships with other people, they could be defined as an open couple: both live their lives independent of each other, while remaining tied by a murky, whispered but sincere affection. Although she often refuses her advances, there is no doubt that Fujiko is in love. We can’t forget the scene in which, believing that Lupin was been executed in prison, she holds his gun in tears, swearing that she would never forget him. Or even when, in Lupin the Third Part 5, she leaves him because she can't stand their toxic relationship. It is at that point that Lupin reveals his true face to her: a face that no one has ever seen, not even his faithful companions Gigen and Goemon nor the spectator, proving Fujiko the sincerity of his feeling and sealing their love with a kiss that it is worth a thousand fears.


Her best looks

Fujiko is sexy and knows it, she always wears clothes that enhance her curves and emphasize her strengths. Tight-fitting shirts, mini dresses, deep necklines, and, like any self-respecting diva, many jewels. She is a young woman with remarkable charm and strength, a sensual but thin body, object of admiration by men: her measurements are 99.9 cm of breast, 55.5 cm of life and 88.8 cm of hips, is 1.65 m tall and weighs about 50 kg. Usually she is represented with long brown or copper or red hair; only in the movie Il castello di Cagliostro and in the specials The secret of the Diamond Twilight and Walther P38 she shows off blond hair that will remain so until the end of the special Episode: 0. On one occasion she was wearing (and for a very short time) a black hair. Her eyes are brown in all versions.

She always wears a slightly tinted lip gloss in shades of red and pink, but also eyeshadow and mascara, and sometimes a nail polish on her nails, showing off a fancy beauty look with attention to the smallest details. She never gives up on accessories like earrings, sunglasses, necklaces, gloves, handbags, hats (and guns).

We all know that women love to change hair color, and Fujiko always shows soft and rebellious hair often varying the shades. She loves jewelry, money, beautiful clothes, luxury and richness. Her favorite perfume is Chanel n5 and she often rides a Kawasaki or Harley-Davidson motorcycle and many times is seen behind the wheel of an Austin Mini. Sometimes she treats herself with a drink or a glass of wine in the company of Lupine or even alone.