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"Wash your hands and keep creative" is the project that combines art and daily life

Marta showed us some of her artistic sinks

Wash your hands and keep creative is the project that combines art and daily life Marta showed us some of her artistic sinks

An artistic project that arises from a situation of emergency, from the isolation caused by the Coronavirus that has seen all of us involved for over a month now. Many people and young creatives found a way to unleash their creativity and freedom of expression. There are those who dedicate completely to music, those who create and customize do-it-yourself clothes, those who decide to entertain with new formats social media, everyone is looking for the best (and more or less original) way to express their personal point of view on the situation.

Something that really impressed us for the originality is the project by creative director and artist Marta Grossi. Marta found herself locked in quarantine in Milan since March 8th, when she started a new painting project, choosing as canvas not the classic sheets of paper, but the sink of the apartment where she is staying.

"Working as creative director and artist is pushing me to use my creativity to stay mentally and physically healthy. A form of therapy and the best way I have to cope with anxiety and the global pandemic that is affecting our world. Now more than ever we need to stay positive and to find beauty even in the unexpected places"

Inspired by the flowers, spring, and the nature that we are deprived of right now, Marta created a series of works of art under the title, "Wash your hands and keep creative".
Marta created a series of artistic sinks inspired by the most iconic spring patterns, colors and themes: the colorful tie dye, the classic floral theme, the delicate cherry blossom and the funny tropical jungle.


Tie Dye

The tie dye declined in its most linear version, on the shades of blue: mainly linked to the world of jeans-cotton, which incorporates also the shades of sky blue mixed with white, with hidden hints of black. The colors vary with the ombré and the shaded effect reveals a more abstract texture.


Floral Theme

The floral theme is not inspired by a specific garment or pattern, enriched with overlapping and layers, micro and macro. Watercolor technique is able to enhance this effect: the neutral white of the sink is the basis for a decontextualized and very light floral pattern.


Cherry Blossom

More dream-like and fairy, the cherry blossom theme recalls the delicate Asian world, where the artist has lived for years, sticking to the spring themes of flowers and pastel colors.


Tropical Jungle

Foliage resort, the work of art refers to exotic and distant worlds, and lets us dream of the hot summer days to take refuge in the shade of the plants in the hottest hours.