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Lizzo, the plus-size American superstar everyone is talking about

The artist promoting self-love and acceptance

Lizzo, the plus-size American superstar everyone is talking about The artist promoting self-love and acceptance

In the past few weeks, one of the leading names in fashion and music has been that of American singer-songwriter rapper Lizzo. The 30-year old artist has caused a stir up in the media especially since the release of her latest album Cuz I Love You, which features herself nude on the cover. Since the album’s release, the artist has been featured on V Magazine’s latest cover, in Rolling Stone, appeared on the Billboard Charts top 10 and has even announced her European tour dates and is set to perform in Milan in July. So who is Lizzo? And what makes her so special?

The artist rightfully named Melissa Viviane Jefferson embarked on the American music scene a little less than a decade ago, when she was 21 years old following the death of her father. During that period, the artist found herself excessively dieting and over-exercising in an effort to create an image deemed as ‘presentable’ to the music world. However, it was during that same time that what has now become Lizzo’s prime aesthetic was born, the promotion of self-love and acceptance.

The moment for me when I decided to take ownership of my body and my physical form and find it beautiful was looking in the mirror and deciding that it wasn’t ever going to change. This is who I am, the artist explained.

This lesson is what she takes with her throughout the creation of all her music and as a result, her message is simple and straightforward, love your body, have faith in yourself, and don’t allow people to treat you like shit. In some of the artist’s more popular music, she revels in the concept of self-love and appreciation as a plus size woman of colour. This has become the artist's brand, even her Instagram handle @lizzobeeating [Lizzo Be Eating] is a satire in itself. Also in her hit single Scuse Me, she raps, “slapping on that ass getting thicker and thicker,” and in her single Ride, she tackles the taboo conversation of masturbation. 

Lizzo’s music style spreads across several different genres, from pop to R&B to Neosoul to even trap.

I make all different types of music, I feel like when you’re good at doing a lot of different styles, it’s hard to stick with one. I’m the genre, my voice is the genre, she states.

However one of the artist’s signature talents is her expertise at the flute. In her hit single Coconut Oil, Juice and others she’s heard skilfully playing the instrument, giving her music a noteworthy sound. Her latest album Cuz I Love You also skips across several different genres and includes features with artists such as Missy Elliott and Gucci Mane.

Another thing to note is during performances, the artist often opts to go all out, with elaborate costumes that embrace her sexuality.

I feel very powerful in the nude… so on stage, me and the big girls, we show off our legs, we wear dancer leotards and tights. I think being a woman and having those curves and having the opportunity to show those curves off and that ass and doing the splits and twerkin' booty cheeks. I think that's really powerful when you're able to do it, and that's where we kinda get all of our strength from.

So once you've copped your tickets for this summer do expect nothing less than full performance.