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From Ariana Grande to SZA why are they all singing about Saturn's return?

Spoiler: Saturn decisively impacts our lives, pushing us to become adults

From Ariana Grande to SZA why are they all singing about Saturn's return? Spoiler: Saturn decisively impacts our lives, pushing us to become adults

Superstitions related to the leap year? The complicated global political climate? A new crush? The mysterious disappearance of Kate Middleton? No. The theme inspiring the current hits is the return of Saturn. At the end of February, SZA released Saturn, a piece focusing on embodying the planet's energy with its rings to become a happier person because "there’s got to be more" than what Earth can offer. In Deeper Well, Kacey Musgraves announces "My Saturn has returned" and talks about letting go of toxic people and bad habits. Within Eternal Sunshine, the new album by Ariana Grande released on March 8, there is a track titled Saturn Returns Interlude where an off-screen astrologer's voice reminds us that "Saturn comes along and hits you over the head/Hits you over the head, hits you over the head, and says, 'Wake up'/It's time for you to get real about life/And sort out who you really are". Why are they suddenly all interested in this astrological phenomenon?

What does Saturn mean in astrology?

Saturn is considered the guardian of the zodiac. It is the king of time and karma. It represents the perception of reality, choices, limits, discipline, and obstacles. In a person's natal chart, it governs responsibility, shows the life lessons to be learned, and challenges us to rise to the toughest tests. By inviting coherence, concentration, and endurance, it leads to growth and greater self-awareness of our abilities.

What does Saturn return mean?

Saturn return occurs when the planet returns to the same position it was at the time of one's birth, completing a cycle and ending its approximately 30-year journey around the Sun. The transit lasts about two and a half years and coincides with a kind of cosmic wake-up call that occurs toward the end of one's 20s, 50s, and at the beginning of one's 80s. It's a moment of self-reflection that invites us (sometimes unwillingly) to verify whether we are on the right path regarding work, love, and relationships with friends and family. If we are not, Saturn exacerbates the problems by forcing us to undergo a cosmic reorganization in all aspects of life.

How often does Saturn return occur?

Given that Saturn's cycle lasts 29.5 years, we experience three possible returns in a lifetime: the first at 29-30 years, the second around 60, and the third around 80. The second Saturn return falls in the middle of an adult's average lifespan and prompts us to look back, reflect on what we have built, and think about what we desire, but it hasn't arrived yet. The third Saturn return is focused on reflection and contemplation; it's the time to appreciate what we have done and experienced, but also to make amends for our mistakes and dwell on regrets. The return that most affects our lives, the one that impacts us most forcefully and inspires many artists, is the first return, which occurs around our 30s. The reason is that it coincides with what conventionally can be considered the transition from youth to adulthood. Since Saturn is the planet of responsibilities, time, and wisdom, a Saturn return at this stage of life announces our astrological adulthood. It asks us to take full and complete responsibility for our choices, promoting significant and often quite challenging transformation. It demands that we learn to establish and respect healthy boundaries, practice self-discipline, confront deeply ingrained childish patterns until we overcome them, and find our way in life. To remind us of all this, Saturn takes a tough, abrupt, sometimes ruthless approach and affects every aspect of our existence, private and public. Therefore, Saturn return is experienced as a negative period. Although, in hindsight, it can prove useful, necessary, and even positive.

Saturn return in pop music

In Deeper Well, Kacey Musgraves, 35, sings "gettin’ rid of the habits that I feel/Are real good at wastin’ my time/No regrets, baby, I just think that maybe/It’s natural when things lose their shine/So other things can glow." And adds "The things I was taught only took me so far/Had to figure the rest out myself". Saturn return convinced her to let go of people and habits that waste her time and drag her down. A similar mood to that experienced by her colleague Ariana Grande, 30, who is facing a divorce and a new love story criticized by fans just as the planet returns to the position in her natal chart. Could this be the reason for so many changes? Perhaps Gwen Stefani also thought so, who already in 2000, with No Doubt, dedicated an entire album to the subject, giving the record the title Return of Saturn. Inside, there are a series of songs in which the singer questions her place in the world. Katy Perry talked about it in By The Grace Of God, following the end of her marriage to Russell Brand, where she sings "Was 27, surviving my return to Saturn". And what about Adele? While promoting her album 30, she revealed that it was inspired by what was happening during her Saturn return, including the pain she felt during her divorce from Simon Konecki. One wonders if the blame for such practical and emotional upheavals lies with Saturn or is just part of growing up.

Here's a Saturn Return-themed playlist. If you're going through this transit, hit play and take a deep breath:

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